At the beginning of every year, the car shows in Detroit, Chicago, and Los Angeles premiere their brand new models.  The shiny sportscar used to be the highlight, followed by the family sized comfort SUVS, but these days a new kid on the block is getting all the attention.  The greenest cars on the market are what everyone is talking about come the new year. 

Since the advent of the hybrid, more and more companies are offering their versions as well as electric, biodiesel, and natural gas  cars. This year was no different. The big news was that VW announced they will be making an electric Beetle! This is exciting news for VW lovers, as the Beetle is a very popular model. Unfortunately, the introduction was just a concept and they won’t be out until 2013 or later.

But the good news is there are some exciting cars on the market! For instance, Ford is producing a Focus completely electric. Also, making an appearance was a natural gas powered Honda Civic, a newly improved Toyota Prius, a plug in electric Mitsubishi, and a diesel (which can run on bio diesel) VW Passat . The later which one the 2012 Motor Trend of the Year Award.

All five of these models make up the Top 5 Finalists for Greenest Car of the Year. The 2011 reward went to none other than the Chevy Volt. All these new technologies and greener cars is very encouraging, however it is important to remember they are not a perfect solution to the energy crisis. They are one step closer to cleaner travel. Either way, we are excited that there are greener options out there, than just plain old gasoline car. It is also great to see  more and more manufacturers produce green models.

Now, which one drives better? And which one is truly greener? That we will have to save for another post, perhaps when we have the chance to test drive a few models!