Cupcakes, cookies, cakes, galore! Yes, you read that right. There is a all vegan world bake sale coming to a neighborhood near you! April 24th through May 2nd is the 2nd annual Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale. You may be asking, what exactly is the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale? It is a two week vegan baked goods extravaganza that raises money for a variety of causes in the vegan world sponsored by Compassion for Animals. The first year it was put on, 2009, they were able to raise over $25,000 and were voted “Veg Event of the Year” by VegNews Magazine.

The best thing about this event is it is completely DIY. Anyone, that means even you, can participate! You do not have to belong to an organization or non-profit to hold a sale. The producers of the event invite all people to join in and raise money! What a great way to expose people to the delights of vegan baking as well as raise money for animal rights. There are only two rules to Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale, first rule, don’t talk about Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale….ok, ok that was too easy, but we just had to throw in a Fight Club joke. But really there are two simple rules to abide by:

1) ALL baked goods must be Vegan (learn more about Vegan baking)

2) Nothing sold or given out at the sale should directly promote the harm of animals.

Herbivore Clothing Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale Tee

Seems pretty simple! There are already great events lined up all over the world including Europe, Australia, Brazil, Finland, Singapore, and the US. Find out if any sales are happening in your area. If not, plan an event yourself! All you have to do is lock down your details and fill out this simple form. Your event will be posted on the website and promoted worldwide. If you aren’t sure exactly how to plan a sale, take a look at these handy Bake Sale Tips. And if you want to make your event official or if you just want to promote this awesome event, Herbivore Clothing has released a pretty cute official Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale Shirt, a portion of the sales go to various animal sanctuaries and vegan organizations.

Even if you can not plan an event, please check your local area to attend an event and add them on Facebook. This is an exciting, inclusive event which will help educate the mainstream, as well as introduce people to the tasty and satisfying world of vegan baked goods. And to top it off, it raises money to fund animal rights and vegan organizations. We can’t find a single thing wrong with this event and look forward to attending some in our neck of the woods. Happy vegan baking or consuming! 🙂


Have any vegans on your list and aren’t sure what to get them? We have compiled some quick hints and suggestions for great vegan holiday gifts! Whether your shopping for a new vegan or a seasoned veteran, here are some great ideas for this holiday season!

There are awesome online vegan stores that carry tons of vegan products ranging from food to clothing. Some great ones worth checking out are  Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe, Vegan Karma, Sidecar for Pigs Peace, Moo Shoes, Pangea and Vegan Essentials. That is a great place to start when choosing gifts for a vegan loved one!And if you aren’t quite sure what they would love, a gift certificate to any of these stores would be wonderful!

We put together a short list of great ideas to give vegans come this holiday:

1)Vegan Treats: The true and fastest way to a vegan’s heart is through their stomach! You can easily put together a basket of vegan products such as cookies, candies, or fake jerky. You could even include some vegan wines. If you make a trip to your local food co-op or natural food store there are plenty of great snacks to fill a basket with. Also, you can find pre-made vegan goodie baskets at many of the websites listed above. If you prefer to make your own goodies, we suggest you bake or cook a delicious vegan treat. There are many easy and fun recipes you could make! Check out some of our own vegan recipes.

2) Vegan Cookbooks: As we mentioned above, vegans LOVE food! And they really love new recipes they can try out for home or for entertainment. A few great books that we suggest are Vegan Planet, Vegan Vittles, and How It All Vegan . There are tons of other great vegan cookbooks out there as well! And who knows?? Maybe they will thank you by cooking YOU some scrumptious vegan goodies!

3) Basket of Vegan Beauty Products: When someone says the word vegan, most people think of food. But there are so many other products that could contain animal products, including bath and beauty items.  Another great gift idea is to put together a basket of bath and beauty items like lotions, bath salts, make-up, and even shampoos! You can most likely find these products at your local food co-op, natural food store, and any of the sites listed above! Make sure to read the label and look for items that say “Does not contain animal products,” “Not tested on animals” or “Certified Vegan.” There are a number of brands that are known to be vegan, check out this guide to help you know which ones are okay. Also, you can find pre-made baskets at most of the vegan stores above or check out Vegan Pimp and Garuda International.

4) Gift Certificate to a Vegan Restaurant: Another great and quick gift guide is to buy a gift certificate to a local vegan restaurant! Again, any vegan would love to enjoy a free meal! You can buy one for your loved one’s favorite restaurant or maybe a new one they haven’t tried yet. Find your local vegan and vegetarian restaurants at Happy Cow!

03215) Donate in Their Name: You can always make a contribution to an animal rights organization such as Vegan Outreach Farm Sanctuary,Pigs Peace Sanctuary, PETA, or Action for Animals for them. You could also adopt a rescued farm animal or an endangered species in their name. And finally you could give them a subscription to a vegan magazine such as VegNews or Vegan Magazine.

This Saturday was filled with free vegan treats and new vegan companies galore!  The Boston Vegetarian Society held their 13th annual Boston Vegetarian Food Festival and we at AP set up a table and provided them with t shirts. However, we also had a pretty great time ourselves talking with people and checking out all the other companies, and especially the food!

The day started off in a flurry of running from the bank to the coffee shop and then to set up all after a night of Halloween fun! So we were tired to say the least. Once we had the table set and the doors opened our first experience of the morning was a woman who started talking to us, but then proceeded to drool on the table and walk away. We weren’t sure exactly what to make of this or how to even clean up the drool. We were immediately nervous that this would be a precursor to the rest of the day!

So I (Gina) took a break from the table and left Anne to deal with the drool! I ventured out into the crowds of people and explored all the great tables. The food was spectacular and companies came from as far as Atlanta and Chicago to display at the event. As a vegan of almost 9 years I was more than excited to sample everything. I tried everything from raw food bars to vegan quesadillas! I must tell you about this new and exciting vegan cheese company called Teese! They not only make pizza style mozzarella but NACHO CHEESE!! And it melts and tastes just like ballpark nachos! I bought a tray of chips and the cheese, which was help yourself!! I loaded up my chips and I felt like a child again. I must urge you to check out Teese Nacho Cheese Sauce. They aren’t sold all over the country yet, but you can always order them from Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe or Pangea.

And speaking of Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe, they traveled all the way from Atlanta GA to attend the festival. We were happy to finally meet them, as they have been carrying our products for some time now! If you haven’t already, you should definitely check them out!! You can get any type of vegan item you need from shoes, to sweets, to cheese! No seriously, they are an awesome store and great people.

After venturing to their table I was able to enjoy some delicious local treats such as Fiore’s Bakery (mmm cupcakes) and the Buddha Hut Restaurant. Trader Joe’s, Boston Organics, and out local Harvest Food Co-op were all there giving out free samples of natural foods and promoting their business. We were a little bummed on Trader Joe’s, as they were pulling many people away from the local co-op! They even began throwing snacks into the crowd, not only hitting people, but hitting the local co-op’s table. It was just a little bothersome, and want to encourage you to support your local stores!

So after all the free foods and sampling new products, I returned to help Anne out at our table. Let me tell you, it was exciting and engergizing to talk to everyone at the festival. People seemed very excited about our shoes, bags, t shirts, and especially our new winter items: organic scarves, fingerless gloves, and hats! Anne was even interviewed by Emerson students, so keep an eye out for that video soon. It was great to get a chance to talk politics, veganism, fair trade, and just say hi to some of our fans and new customers! Thanks again for everyone who stopped by, the Boston Vegetarian Society, and all the companies and organizations that came out. We are excited about next year and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of that Teese! Hope to see you all next year.

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