dsc00771We had an absolute blast at last weekend’s Earth Fair in our (second) favorite city in the world, New York New York. After enjoying vegan meatball subs from Boston fave TJ Scallywaggle’s on our 4 hour drive down, we arrived at Grand Central smack dab in the middle of Thursday rush hour. Somehow, by 8 pm, our little corner of historic Vanderbilt Hall was set-up and ready to greet the crowds…that was of course after circling the block multiple times in search of 42nd Street (it’s UNDER the overpass duh); finding no “loading dock” as instructed; double parking along city buses on one of the busiest blocks in the world; getting harrassed by local commuters (seriously. they weren’t very nice.); navigating our tiny $20 Staples dolly with 4 cartons of sneakers piled high around hot dog carts and small dogs; and getting inspected by large bomb sniffing police dogs and very large, very scary, but very polite, NYPD.

The craziness involved in getting there though was well worth it.   The New Yorkers we met were truly awesome and really showed us some love.  And we love them right back….of course it helps that our beloved Red Sox swept the Yankees that weekend!!  HA!  (Sorry.  We had to say it).

In all seriousness, the hard working people at the behind-the-scenes org Earth Day dsc00818New York did a fabulous job at throwing a great party full of education, music and fun and we can’t wait to do it all again next year.  Thousands upon thousands of people, young and old, streamed through the hall and out to the adjoining street fair to chat, shop, gaze and learn how they can make New York a greener apple.  In addition to all the fantastic supporters,  we also met great new friends at other new eco-friendly businesses Jade’s Toy Box, District Cotton, Multee Purpose, and Cardboardesign who we hope you’ll check out and support.

dsc00786While dirty and exhausted at the end of it all with only 1 minor injury thanks to our new rack, it hardly feels like ‘work’ when we met such awesome people doing such great things for the planet, danced with the crowds and overstuffed animals at the mainstage of the outdoor fest, and followed up the non-stop days with some serious non-stop nights with a little vegan restaurant hopping through Brooklyn by Gina and (just a few) martinis enjoyed by Anne in Manhattan.

If you missed us this past weekend, or just can’t get enough, we’ll be descending on NYC again on May 9th to celebrate World Fair Trade Day at Battery Park.  See you there!