OK, so you already have a mental image in place but there’s no going back now. After all, the thought of living with your own ‘leftovers’ is not readily settling. Since the invention of fire, humans have figured out that it’s a fairly good goal, if not wholly hygienic, to separate your ‘befores ‘ from your ‘afters’. But give me a second…

Stay with me here…

Try this scenario on for size, it may a little easier to stomach:

Imagine a great, big furniture factory pumping out a tremendous amount of cabinetry each day. At closing, janitors spend a tremendous amount of time and energy, sweeping up all the sawdust, packaging it, taking it to the dumpster and scheduling a pickup. Exhausting work, but hey… you have to keep the floors clean if you’re going to get stuff done the following day.

One day, as a worker, you realize all that sawdust could be mixed with some glue, put back onto the production line and used to make more cabinetry! Cut costs on both the ends and the means. “Brilliant!”, cry the Board…”You’re promoted!”

“But wait”, they say, “we’re not going to just pick it up and start it at the front of the assembly line again. We’ve got a process! We’re still going to package it up, take it to the dumpster, schedule a pickup. Then we’re going to send people back out to find the stuff we just got rid of, collect it in fragments, try to get some of the material workable again and put it back into production…”

“Brilliant?” you say….

Yea, it works… but, I mean…

Think about it. You have someone else ship your waste underground for hundreds of miles, wasting hundreds of gallons of drinkable water, paying hundreds for this apparent service. On top of that, you have to deal with broken pipes, wet ceilings, overflowing toilets. All this when there is already a free process to exploit in your backyard. Literally.

What nature does with leftovers…and humans deciding they can do it better.

“But what about…dare I say…bacteria! And that smell! Puuuhhlleease….you think I’m going to live with my own feces? “

Hmmm, not coming from there…what’s that smell?

YES! And here’s how. People have already considered this. The bacteria. The smell. The maintenance. The hygiene. No one is asking you to cut a hole in the floor and hold your breath. In the era of self-parking cars and I-phones, do you think we can do better that that?

A light at the end of the tunnel?

Enter the composting toilet. A culture shift in the way we start to re-align ourselves with process that have been in place much longer than we’ve existed. A leading expert in the field, Sun-Mar has a number of very practical solutions that promise quiet, odorless and hygienic waste conversion systems. While not the most stylish in the field, Sun-Mar has a very competitive price point.

Looking to really impress your growing throng of eco-yuppie friends? Check out Envirolet….with it’s starter kit and shock soil, you’ll be pushing up daises in a whole new light. While a little more high end, think about how much it’s going to be to replace that septic when it finally reaches maximum capacity.

Envirolet’s Brand of Composting

For more information on the wonderful world of composting toilets, take a look at http://www.compostingtoilet.org/. Aside from a variety of products, you can find general information here about composting and health/odor concerns.

So, take a look and get over it…rather, get on it!