Unless you are an NFL super-fan you may not have heard the name Ovie Mughelli. But his name should be known by the Green Movement as well. In case you don’t know his name, he is an American football fullback for the Atlanta Falcons, but he is more than that. Mughelli has become a spokesperson and advocate of spreading the message of environmental responsibility. In fact, his foundation, the Ovie Mughelli Foundation is dedicated to environmental education for the youth.

Along with being an active, healthy individual Mughelli believes in a healthy environment for our world. He is at a great advantage being an athlete since the youth tend to idolize professional sports stars. He is setting a great example for the children of the world, that everyone can have a positive impact on our world!

Through his foundation, Mughelli provides football training camps for underprivileged youth in the South, but once inside the camps, the kids are also schooled on environmental issues and even have hands on lessons. On top of his foundation actively educating children, Mughelli speaks out regularly for environmental issues. Recently, he did a video to end coal ash and has spoken out against Gulf oil drilling after this year’s epic oil leak. Mughelli was also¬† recently named the #2 most Eco Athlete by Planet 100!

Mughelli is a near perfect spokesman because unlike other eco-celebrities, he appeals to a wider audience. Many times the public can roll their eyes at celebrity endorsements, being annoyed at their holier than thou attitude. But because athletes attract fans from all over the spectrum, his impact is tenfold. We salute Ovie Mughelli on his environmental education efforts and hope he sets an example for other ethical athletes to become involved in their communities. Watch below for a clip of him speaking out against coal ash.