This is a re-printed letter from Co-op America, that we find extremely important! It takes just a few minutes to send out letters to all the candidates in this election, Presidential and local. We just did it ourselves! So make sure your environmental concerns are addressed and click on the Take Action Button today!!!!!!

Over the course of this campaign, we’ve heard a lot of talk about oil pipelines in Alaska, “drill, baby, drill,” and even an unfortunate embrace of so-called “clean coal” technology, though no form of coal is ever truly “clean.”

With less than one month to go before Election Day, we need to let our candidates know we’re demanding a comprehensive, modern, green energy policy that will put this country back on the right path in more ways than one.

Right now, we can launch a new green energy plan for the US that is intentionally designed to meet five urgent needs at once. We can:

  1. tackle the rising price of fuel, a hardship for many American families,
  2. transition the US away from its dependence on foreign oil,
  3. push back against the perils of climate change, and
  4. reverse rising unemployment rates, which reached a five-year high in September.
  5. create real investment into our economy that will counter the ongoing Wall Street meltdown, and its impact on Main Street.

While Co-op America members have been making green-energy changes in their lives for many, many years, the time is NOW for a major system change.

We’re challenging each of you to come together with us and tell all presidential and congressional candidates that our country is ready for a clean energy infrastructure that makes it easier to live green.

All of our candidates need to be reminded that if we do this – if we implement a comprehensive green energy policy that calls for energy efficiency, cleaner cars, and renewable solar and wind power –  we’ll ALL reap the rewards of a cleaner environment, reinvigorated economy, and more secure future.

When you click through to take our action, you’ll be prompted for your ZIP code, which will bring up all congressional and presidential candidates running for office in your area.  Then you can add your own personal touch to our editable message, urging all of the candidates to endorse a greener energy platform.  Please take this urgent action today.

Send your message to the candidates now »

For background on Co-op America’s clean-energy recommendations, check our latest editorial, in which we debunk the myths that can discourage progress on green energy, and outline the components that any elected leader should have in her or his energy policy.  (Please post it widely online, send it to your local paper, and otherwise help us get the word out.)

Then, click through to our action page for more information on what should NOT be included in our energy policy (off-shore drilling, oil-and-gas subsidies, new coal plants, risky nuclear plants), before using our form to send your own message to Congress.

Thanks for joining with us to keep this critical issue at the top of our leaders’ minds, as we push for action now, and under the new administration in 2009.

Here’s to all you do,
Alisa (signature)
Alisa Gravitz, Executive Director, Co-op America

P.S. Clean energy news: The solar energy tax credits were extended for eight years as part of legislation signed into law on October 3.  You can now get 30% tax credits for solar installed on your home or business – without a cap on the amount of the credit.  Thanks to all of our members who joined with us in pushing for these tax credits!


As we type this, the Vice Presidential candidates Sarah Palin and Joe Biden have finished their first debate. As you all know our country is an economic crisis as well as an environmental one.  But do you know where each candidate stands on environmental and energy policies? We at Autonomie recognize how important environmental issues as well as a sustainable energy plan is to all of you…as much as it is to us. That is why tonight we would like to lay out the two Vice Presidential candidates views on both energy and the environment. We encourage you to take the time to weigh the ideas of both candidates before making a decision in November.

We want to make note that here at Autonomie Project we are not endorsing a particular candidate but will be voting with the ticket that best meets our values as individuals and as a company.

John Mccain’s VP Candidate: Sarah Palin

  • Palin is a known supporter of Bush’s plan to drill for oil in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge which has been a protected reserve since the 1950’s.  She is also a staunch supporter of off-shore drilling. In fact, she actually disagrees with Senator McCain’s view on this matter.
  • The Bush administration added the Polar Bear to the endangered species list and Palin, who is an avid hunter, sued the federal government.
  • As far as Global Warming goes, Palin is on record telling the “A changing environment will affect Alaska more than any other state, because of our location. I’m not one though who would attribute it to being man-made.”
  • She publicly opposed a Proposition in Alaska that would have protected the Bristol Bay as well as drinking water from mining run-offs.
  • Palin has taken on Big Oil companies in Alaska including adjusting a Petroleum Profits Tax that eliminated tax loopholes, however she does support fossil fuel drilling on domestic lands.

Barack Obama’s VP Candidate: Joe Biden

  • He has stated, “The scientific evidence is clear: We need to take significant steps toward worldwide reduction of greenhouse gases to avoid permanently altering our climate.”
  • Biden has introduced legislation to the Senate to fund research for better lithium-ion batteries for hybrid vehicles.

So there you have it,  a quick run down of  some of the environmental policies of both the Vice Presidential candidates. Now it’s your turn, make a choice, and please remember to vote!!

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