Yesterday it was reported that the conflict in Israel and Palestine continue despite efforts by the world community to push a cease fire. And today news reports announced today that Obama’s advisors landed in Israel to help ease the tension and hopefully work towards some peace. With all this negative news coming out of the region, it can be a bit depressing. 

So today we wanted to bring you a bit of good news about Palestine. At the end of December 2008, it was made public that Palestine will begin selling their first fair trade product: olive oil in 2009! This is great news for the region as the farming and production of the product is expected to help economic growth as well as helping to lower the unemployment rates. Helping to ease these problems as well as some water and agriculture issues is the focus of the fair trade products. It was also mentioned that in February of 2009 a delegation will be held in the West Bank to begin talks about starting an agricultural hub in Palestine.

To purchase fair trade olive oil and other Palestinian products check out Caanan Fair Trade products. This news may be  the beginning of many fair trade products to come out of the occupied territory. With war raging in the region and economic failure, it seems like we never hear anything positive about Palestine. But hopefully this piece of good news will lead to others. As our politicians work on easing tensions, we hope fair trade initiatives can pave the road to economic and social recovery. And a true olive branch of peace can be extended.