Unless you are an NFL super-fan you may not have heard the name Ovie Mughelli. But his name should be known by the Green Movement as well. In case you don’t know his name, he is an American football fullback for the Atlanta Falcons, but he is more than that. Mughelli has become a spokesperson and advocate of spreading the message of environmental responsibility. In fact, his foundation, the Ovie Mughelli Foundation is dedicated to environmental education for the youth.

Along with being an active, healthy individual Mughelli believes in a healthy environment for our world. He is at a great advantage being an athlete since the youth tend to idolize professional sports stars. He is setting a great example for the children of the world, that everyone can have a positive impact on our world!

Through his foundation, Mughelli provides football training camps for underprivileged youth in the South, but once inside the camps, the kids are also schooled on environmental issues and even have hands on lessons. On top of his foundation actively educating children, Mughelli speaks out regularly for environmental issues. Recently, he did a video to end coal ash and has spoken out against Gulf oil drilling after this year’s epic oil leak. Mughelli was also  recently named the #2 most Eco Athlete by Planet 100!

Mughelli is a near perfect spokesman because unlike other eco-celebrities, he appeals to a wider audience. Many times the public can roll their eyes at celebrity endorsements, being annoyed at their holier than thou attitude. But because athletes attract fans from all over the spectrum, his impact is tenfold. We salute Ovie Mughelli on his environmental education efforts and hope he sets an example for other ethical athletes to become involved in their communities. Watch below for a clip of him speaking out against coal ash.


The recent massive Gulf Oil Spill has us all feeling a little down. More and more people are realizing that our dependence on oil has got to end. The most obvious way to lower our petroleum intake is to cut down on driving and flying. However, even the biggest environmentalist among us has trouble avoiding oil products on a daily basis. Sure, we know the big ones, gasoline, plastics, and synthetic leather and rubber, but there are more products than you can imagine fashioned out of this disappearing and destructive resource. We have put together a list of the most shocking 5 we came across with tips on how to avoid them! Eventually we will wean ourselves off the oil and here is how to start.

5 Things You Didn’t Know Were Made From Oil

1) Re-usable Shopping Bags: Many of those re-usable shopping bags you see for sale at any supermarket are actually made out of synthetic fibers. Polyester, polyester, acrylic, rayon, and nylon are made from petroleum. These products will not bio-degrade. In addition, some of the printing on the bag is likely to use petrochemicals, also derived from oil. While re-usable bags are a better alternative to paper and plastic, be sure to check the tag before purchasing. Many re-usable bags are made from natural fibers such as cotton or hemp(even better if it is organic) and if you stick to an eco-friendly company, most likely their inks and printing processes will be sans petrochemicals.

2) Cleaning Products: Most conventional household cleaning products, including laundry detergent, are made from petrochemicals. These chemicals are not only oil based but harmful to our health and largely unnecessary. Next time you go to the market to purchase your household cleaners, try some homemade remedies such as vinegar and baking soda. If you still prefer a lemony or lavender scent to your clean house, check out some of the all natural brands such as Method or Seventh Generation.

3) Candles: Unfortunately, many candles are made with paraffin or polyolefin wax, another petroleum-based products. Candles may make your house smell sweet, but if they are conventional types, they are also emitting pollution into your house and toxic chemicals into your house. This type of oil product is easy to avoid as there are candles made from soy, beeswax(although not vegan), or coconut palm oil.

4) Bath & Beauty: In most make-up and beauty products, such as moisturizer contain offending ingredients such as paraffin oil, petrolatum, and mineral oil which are all derived from crude oil! We all know buying oil sourced ingredients is not the most sustainable, but it must not also be healthy. Just imagine spreading crude oil on your body the next time you think about purchasing a conventional lotion. Gross! Never fear, though, as many natural products are on the market these days which will contain healthy ingredients such as Shea or coco butter and coconut oils. Most natural grocery stores, health food stores, Whole Foods, and co-ops will stock beauty products containing no oil derived products.

5) Foil Packaging: Mmmm so you are reaching for that tasty bag of potatoes chips or other snack when you realize that bag is made out of, you guessed it, oil! Many snack packaging, may look like foil but it is actually made of mylar, a thinly stretched PET plastic bonded with aluminum. The best way to avoid this, is to not eat any snack foods (better for your health too)! But we know sometimes convenience or hunger takes over. Try to purchase snacks made in paper packaging or better yet from the bulk section in re-usable containers.

-Gina Williams

Unless you have been living under a rock or on an outer space adventure the past few weeks, you have undoubtedly heard about the tragic oil spill off of the Gulf of Mexico. 200,000 gallons of oil continue to flow into the sea as efforts to quell the flow of oil have been unsuccessful thus far.

In addition to the tragedy of the eleven men who lost their lives as the drill rig Deepwater Horizon sank into the Gulf on April 22nd,  worries continue to multiply about the long term negative effects this immense spill will have on the environment and its many inhabitants for weeks, months and years to come.

While history has taught us that oil spills such as this one come with dire consequences for the ecosystems surrounding the area of the spill, the long term damage created by this most recent spill remains to be seen. Immediate effects are beginning to become more crystallized, as Reuters is reporting that seven dolphins and over a hundred sea turtles have washed onto shore dead as what officials are assuming is a result of the oil spill.

Environmentalist, such as Aaron Viles of the Gulf Restoration Network, are quick to criticize the lack of information being offered about the damage being done to the environment as a result of this catastrophic spill.

Viles  states, “There’s a lot of concern now about the marine impact and we’re not getting a truly transparent response from NOAA(the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Resulting criticism concerning this disaster are not limited to NOAA or other groups one likely has never heard of before, but are  also being directed at President Barack Obama and his Administration, who in recent months announced plans to expand offshore drilling efforts in the United States.

The President,  after resolving  to temporarily suspend the development of  new offshore drilling locations pending  a government safety review of the drilling process,  asserted, “Let me be clear, I continue to believe that domestic oil production is an important part of our overall strategy for energy security.” Even though this tragic oil spill highlights American unsustainable dependence on oil, it is not quite enough to move the administration to focus on weaning the country away from gas and petroleum based products.

Funnily enough -not so much in a “haha, this Garfield comic is a hoot!“ kind of way,  but in a more “Hmmm, that is an interesting coincidence” type  of way- on April 28th,  just days after the devastating Gulf spill,  the development of  the first wind farm offshore of the U.S was announced by Government officials.

This is not  to declare a massive, multi-tiered conspiracy is taking place.  The creation of this wind farm is a step in the right direction for the energy future of this country. Regardless of whether or not the timing of the announcement had anything to do with a skillful PR move in order to throw environmentalists a bone during this hugely criticized oil crisis, it still was a plan years in the making, so it is likely a happy coincidence. (She says as she reaches for the tinfoil to wrap around her over sized noggin’. I kid, I kid…or do I? DUN, DUN, DUN!)

Conspiracy theories aside, this wind farm alone will only act as a band aid on a gunshot wound, or a huge oil spill as it were. Halting offshore drilling until the oil slick clears is not enough.This tragic occurrence should not be swept under the table or downplayed.  This sinking oil rig may as well have been a huge blaring alarm clock- one that screeches endlessly and comes with a dangerous snooze button.

We can not afford any more snoozing;  putting off radical changes to the way we as a society treat the energy crisis for another 10 or 15 years because we are too lazy to think about it in the here and now. This is not a time to sleep in or to do what is easiest when we know what is right.

It is time to wake up and take action! We must roll out of bed and painfully pull ourselves into our reality. No matter what you think of driving or plastic bags, the truth is the planet simply does not contain enough oil to sustain the current culture’s lifestyle. We have to make some serious global changes in our energy, transportation, manufacturing and everyday lives. There is just no way around it and this oil spill is like a hotel wake up call to make these changes.

Sadly, like my affinity for stone-washed  jean chaps, the public at large does not appear to share in my opinion on the permanent halting of  the expansion  of offshore drilling efforts.  A recent telephone poll conducted by the Associated Press finds that American adults are unmoved by this latest tragedy in terms of their opinion of offshore drilling. A shocking 50 percent of those polled report still favoring offshore drilling, opposed to the 38 percent who disapprove.

I will be damned if I can not drive the three blocks to 7-11 for a Big Gulp, but it ain’t no skin off my back if a bunch of weirdo fish die.” – Some thirsty guy  driving a Hummer to 7-11. *(Quote may or may not be fictional.)

*It is.

Weaning ourselves off oil will not be an easy task. As a people we will need to learn to conserve energy- walk to 7-11 when that Big Gulp thirst hits you.  Heck, you can even roller blade- which, may I add, would look even cooler , if you sported some jean chaps on your stems while you bladed. Just sayin’.

As for the government, they need to take this alarm clock blaring in their ears as more than just a minor inconvenience that causes them to temporarily shelf foolish plans to expand offshore drilling  and make a real commitment to renewable energies that does not include amplifying our already gargantuan dependence on oil.

If real changes are not made the next alarm may start sounding on your shore and no amount of snooze buttons or delays are going to halt the reality that awaits us.

-Meghan Hurley

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