This weekend, the old rivalry of New England versus New York will play out on the arena of the 2012 Super Bowl. As most American customs, Super Bowl Sunday is a day to gather with loved ones, eat a bunch of unhealthy food, and drink your little heart out! And just as most parties, it can be extremely wasteful. But it doesn’t have to be. There are a number of ways to throw a Superbowl Party and keep it be a low-waste, environmentally friendly affair. We have put together a list of tips to help you host a green Super Bowl fiesta! Now, go Pats (sorry we are a bit Boston biased).

Tip 1-Use E-vites or Mass Texts: Instead of sending out or handing out printed invites, opt for inviting your guests via email or text. Also, Facebook is an easy way to communicate with your friends and allows guests to talk amoung themselves.

Tip 2-Use Re-usable or Compostable Dishes: One easy way to cut down on your waste is using re-usable dishes. It might make a big mess and will require extra work, but you will be happy not to throw out a huge trash bag at the end of the night. If you just can’t bare the thought of doing all those dishes after the big game, you can use compostable dishes as an alternative. Compostable dishes come in utensils, cups, and plates.

Tip 3-Serve Organic & Local Food: Instead of opting for the usual snacks, which come in packaging such as chips and dips, make everything from your local market. If you purchase goods from the farmer’s market, you won’t have any packaging to throw out. You could also have the food catered from a local, organic restaurant. If you bring you own dishes or re-use the ones they supply, you will also reduce your waste.

Tip 4-Get a Keg: Normally Superbowl parties revolve around food which creates tons of waste in beer bottles and cans. Although, these can be recycled, you can reduce waste, by purchasing a keg. Not only will you be supporting local business, but possibly organic if any breweries exist near you. You can also be sure you won’t run out of beer. A sure fire way to reduce your waste and keep your guests happy!

Tip 5-Clean Responsibly:  When you are cleaning up the mess and washing those dishes, be sure to use environmentally friendly products such as vinegar or eco brands like Method or 7th Generation. Using these options will reduce your impact on the environment as they do not contain toxins and are biodegradable.


This Sunday marks the most watched television event of the year: Superbowl Sunday! So as the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers face off in the warm Tampa sun, most Americans will gather around their televisions sets and indulge in snacks and beer. So is there a way to keep your Superbowl party green and vegan? Of course there is! We have put together a quick list of how to green and veganize your Superbowl Party! So sit back and enjoy your Sunday, root for your team, and keep your conscious satisfied. 

Biodegradable and Recyclable Party-ware

Most of the time when we through parties the last thing we want to deal with is washing dishes. So many people usually end up buying throw away plastic and paper silverware, plates, and napkins. Instead of going for the plastic, try out biodegradable plates, silverware, and napkins. There are many companies that make these items such as World Centric and  Nature Friendly. The eco friendly party supplies can also be found at most Whole Foods locations. Not only will this help green your Superbowl Bash, it will make cleaning up all that much easier. If you do use biodegradable supplies, be sure you compost the items rather than sending them out with the regular trash!

Vegan and Organic Snacks

Superbowl parties are usually filled with snacks like wings, pizza, and chips! But there is a way to enjoy your Sunday with healthy, organic, and vegan. Great healthy snacks to serve are organic salsa and chips, organic hummus and carrots, and organic veggies and fruit! But you can also use vegan appetizer substitute such as Health is Wealth Vegan Buffalo Wings, Health is Wealth Vegan Nuggets, Health is Wealth Vegan Egg Rolls, and Nate’s Meatless Meatballs. You can even serve several Toffuti Pizzas, Amy’s Cheese-less Pizza, or make your own! Finally you can serve some great dips and party foods. There are tons of great vegan recipes out there. Here are a few of our own: Vegan 7 Layer Bean Dip, Vegan Spinach Dip, and Vegan Potato Salad.

Green Refreshments

Watching football inevitably brings beer! There is one great company, New Belgium, which happens to be a favorite beer of AP’s! This is a worker owned co-op that makes great beers through wind power and are delivered in soy powered trucks. We suggest you try the Fat Tire or Trippel. If your guests would rather drink wine, consider serving vegan or organic wines. And finally if your loved ones choose not to drink, be sure to serve alternatives for them such as organic soda, like Blue Sky or sparkling cider

Clean Up!

After the new champion has been crowned and all the party goers have gone, the worst part of a get together starts: the dreaded clean up! Just a quick reminder to compost all left over food products and used biodegradable dishes and flatware. Also, be sure to recycle all beer bottles, soda cans, and wine bottles. You can use recycled trash bags and cleaning products. Check out Seventh Generation or Method for several of these products. Be sure your clean up is just as green as your party!

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