Grab onto your 10 gallon hats, oil  enthusiasts, because the Earth’s oil supply may be a little nearer to being tapped than is being let on. A source at the International Energy Agency claims that the lack of supply  is being downplayed in order to bypass an inevitable buying frenzy that would occur if people and companies realized that their precious oil was a little more precious than they have been led to believe. This alleged high ranking official also claims that on top of being encouraged to downplay the speed of depletion of these oil supplies, they were also encouraged to play up the  likelihood of finding new reserves. Not shockingly, these claims are pinned on a pressure to not upset the good ol U.S. of  A.

The National Resources Defense Council, a national non-profit organization of environmental specialist, lawyers and scientist, recently compiled a  report that evaluates and ranks the States based on both  their vulnerability to gas price increases and by their efforts, or  lack thereof , to promote  clean energies.. The report is appropriately entitled, “ Fighting Oil Addiction: Ranking States Oil Vulnerability and Solutions for Change. This list serves to highlight the strengths and weaknesses in the United States when it comes to our oil dependence- it is not a cheat sheet on which states to mock in your upcoming Eco-friendly comedy routine. While Mississippi and Montana top the list as states most vulnerable to rising oil costs, and California and Massachusetts are ahead of the pack in the promotion of clean energy,  neither set of states should resign to hang their heads in shame or pump their fists in celebration just yet.  Simply put, this entire nation, every state,  needs to get jiggy with clean energy before it is too late (Watch out for Will Smith’s future summer smash hit single “Getting Jiggy With Clean Energy” in 2010!).

Whether or not you prescribe to the belief that oil is aplenty and that humans should drive distances more than five feet, or you are an ecological fiend who walks and bikes everywhere-even swimming to Europe last summer for the heck of it- you must be willing to consider a reality wherein there is no more oil for us to abuse or protest the use of. Instead of stockpiling cans of gas and waiting for the Apocalypse,  or looking down your nose at the heathens that still own automobiles and are disrespecting Mother Earth, we should work together to encourage legislation that promotes green energy. Vote for candidates who are not willing to hide behind an antiquated ideology that is based on a misguided belief that oil is abundant. Purchase cleaner energy sources when they are available. When- not if- oil becomes a scarce commodity we as a people should be prepared, not left chasing our tails trying to solve a problem in an instant that has been staring us in the face for decades.

The Boy Scouts perhaps said it best, Be Prepared, they also know how to start a fire with twigs, so they will come in handy come the end of days when our oil runs out. To avoid this bleak future wherein Boy Scouts are kings and we all live in our suddenly useless automobiles, focus on the solutions of these problems in the now. Until Time Travel is perfected, there is no time like the present. It should be every State and every persons obligation to push and fight for Clean Energy Solutions.

-Meghan Hurley