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Green Earth Youth Movement’s Top 5 Tips for a Green Prom

1. Create a Car Pool: Drive to the dance with your favorite friends in tow – sans the gas-guzzling bus or limo. When we say car pool, we mean it!

2. Dress for Eco-Success: Why not have your dress serve a greater purpose? Check out dresses that use organic fabrics like bamboo and hemp, so the material is biodegradable. Once you’re done with your digs, donate it to a less-fortunate teen via

3. “Green” your ‘do: Ditch the energy-exhausting electric curlers and curling iron. Rag curls create soft, graceful curls that will last all night. Just remember: you’ll want to do this the night before since you’re counting on Mother Nature to set the curl.

4. Go Paperless:Instead of the prominvites, go the tree-saving approach by using a service like

5. Make Prom Matter:If you do any or all of the above, you’ll save a bundle, so why not consider giving a portion of your promproceeds to a charity or non-profit organization?

Source: Ally Maize, eco teen and founder of the Green Youth Movement via Green Living Newsletter