October is here and Fair Trade Month is officially in high gear! The idea behind Fair Trade Month is to both celebrate and raise awareness for Fair Trade. In the United States, there are literally thousands of educational events, parties, promotions, and sales going on the entire month. So how do you get involved? What is the best way an ethical shopper to enjoy the month? We have put  together a short list of the best ways to celebrate Fair Trade Month!

1) Promote Fair Trade: In our 21st Century world, one of the easiest ways to bring awareness to a topic is to use social media. During the whole month, use your Twitter, Facebook, and other sites to spread the word! There are tons of great resources to share such as Fair Trade Resource Network and Fair Trade USA,  or even mention or post pictures of some of your favorite Fair Trade products! Be sure to use hashtags such as #FairTradeMonth and #FairTrade.

2) Give Fair Trade: Maybe you have some birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or baby showers coming up or maybe you want to get a head start on holiday shopping. Either way, when you are purchasing a gift this month, make sure it is Fair Trade. This is a perfect opportunity to give your loved ones quality gifts and educate them on what Fair Trade means. We recommend including information with your gift. Some places to find Fair Trade goods are Global Exchange, World of Good, Ten Thousand Villages, and of course Autonomie! Speaking of Autonomie, we are featuring different producers all month long and have special week long sales, as well as giveaways. Check our Facebook on how to enter.

3) Get Involved: If you want to really bring awareness to Fair Trade, get involved in your community or school. Did you know cities and universities can become Fair Trade Towns and Universities?! Check out Fair Trade USA’s programs Fair Trade Towns and Fair Trade University for more details. If you community doesn’t have an initiative already going, start one yourself. Another great way to bring Fair Trade to your community is to talk with business owners about carrying Fair Trade items. Talk with your local grocery stores, natural food stores, cafes, restaurants, and retail stores about the growing need for ethical items.

4) Party, Party, Party: Since it is October and Halloween ends the month, why not party, Fair Trade style. Plan out a Fair Trade themed costume, hand out Fair Trade chocolate, and serve Fair Trade treats and alcohol. Luckily, there is wonderful Fair Trade vodka and wine these days! Send out Fair Trade Month with a bang and truly celebrate all that is Fair Trade. Your guests will be impressed with an educational and ethical Halloween!

For more great ideas on how to celebrate Fair Trade Month, check out Fair Trade USA’s Top Ten! Happy Fair Trade Month!


In case you haven’t heard, October is Fair Trade! Every year the Fair Trade community raises awareness and celebrates all that is Fair Trade for the entire month of October. This year, Autonomie is excited about celebrating one of our key ethical missions: Fair Trade and we have some exciting promotions coming up!

This year, we wanted to bring Fair Trade back to its roots: the workers, the farmers, and the artisans. Who are they and how does your purchases really affect them? That’s why for the entire month of October we will be featuring stories on the producers for our products including the sneakers, flip flops, and Little Green Radical children’s wear. Each of the four weeks of October, we will feature a specific producer story for one of these products on our blog. We will also be posting pictures of the producers on our Facebook during the entire week.

But here is where you come in! When you see either the blog or album posted to our Facebook, share our post with your friends by choosing the “Share” option under our post! We will choose one lucky winner who shares the producer’s stories to win one of the featured products of that week. You read that right, free Fair Trade goodies for spreading the word.

We will also be holding a special sale for the entire week on the products the producer of the week created such as onesies, children’s dresses, flip flops, or sneakers! Not only will you have a chance to see how your AP purchases make an impact on Fair Trade, but also score some great discounted Fair Trade threads and possibly win a free AP Fair Trade item!

Also be on the lookout for exciting new Fair Trade and ethical products launching mid month. You will want to be the first to know about these.

Be sure to keep up to date on our blog and Facebook all month long to learn how Autonomie and your purchases affect the lives of the workers who produce them. After all, Fair Trade is all about giving them autonomy.

This Saturday, May 14th is World Fair Trade Day!! What does that mean, you ask? Well, the Second Sunday in May, that doesn’t fall on Mother’s Day is used to celebrate and raise awareness for Fair Trade.  Every year there is an overall theme, this year’s being “TRADE FOR PEOPLE – Fair Trade your world.”  This theme largely rests on the idea that there is a human factor to producing goods and the best way to support ethical working conditions is to be a consumer of fair trade goods.  There a number of great ways to celebrate World Fair Trade Day as well as all year long.

We at Autonomie Project hosted a World Fair Trade Day Tee Design Contest, where we asked artists to submit their best t-shirt design that portrays fair trade. We had a wonderful response and have come up with Top Three Finalists. We are asking everyone to go and vote for their favorite design. The one with the most votes by midnight on May 13th will be declared the winner on World Fair Trade Day and have their tee made by us! 25% of the profits of the shirt will be donated to Fair Trade Resource Network and Fair Trade Boston. Check it out today and go vote!

But if you didn’t get a chance to be a part of our contest, check out these other ways to celebrate fair trade! Happy World Fair Trade Day!

Best Ways to Celebrate World Fair Trade Day 

1) Events: All around the world, local communities will be putting on fun events this weekend ranging from Fair Trade breakfasts to wine tastings and even trunk shows.  Some great events include the Fair Trade USA’s Wake up the World Brunch in San Francisco, Boulder, CO will be putting on a Fair Trade Crawl, and Los Angeles will be hosting a Fair Trade Bazaar. Autonomie will be celebrating World Fair Trade Day in style at two bike rides 3,000 miles apart. We will be handing out free fair trade goodies along the stops for both Boston’s Fair Trade Bike Ride and Berkeley’s Tour de Fair.   For events in your neck of the woods, check out this handy World Fair Trade Day Events Search.

2) Host a Breakfast: Fair Trade USA is promoting the idea of supporting fair trade and starting with breakfast. If you can’t make it or afford to attend their brunch, why not host your own? You can put together a fair trade breakfast using only fair trade ingredients for your family, friends, co-workers, or even classmates. This is a great way to challenge your cooking skills, eat delicious foods, and educated those you love. Almost every ingredient for breakfast can be found fair trade including coffee and tea. For ideas and recipes check out Fair Trade USA’s Wake Up the World website.

3) Toast to Fair Trade:  Since it is a Saturday, why not toast your glass to the efforts of fair trade with some fair trade liquor! Luckily there is now fair trade wine and vodka on the market. There are a few bars out there that serve these ethical indulgences, but if you can’t find a place near you, stay in! Get a group of friends together, fill your glasses with fair trade spirits and toast to World Fair Trade Day! We have a great fair trade and organic cocktail recipe backlog.

4) Get Artsy: If you have little one’s in your life, use this as a teaching moment. You can ask them to sit down and create a drawing that best describes fair trade to them. Here’s your chance to explain what fair trade is and why it is

important to celebrate it. You can then help them create some adorable art while learning a life lesson!

3) Purchase Fair Trade: In honor of World Fair Trade Day, why not keep it simple? The best way to celebrate fair trade is to support it! There are now hundreds of fair trade products including clothing, sugar, coffee, flowers, and even vodka. You can show your solidarity with the workers of the world by making sure every purchase you make this Saturday is in fact fair trade.

October is Fair Trade Month and Autonomie Project is celebrating in number of ways! Our Little Green RadicalsTM collection is in the process of becoming certified through Fair Trade USA’s apparel certification. Our workers have had training in Fair Trade ethics and are just awaiting the factory audit. We are really excited about this process! In honor of the month long celebration all our Little Green RadicalsTM children’s clothing is on sale for 15% off! You can also enter to win a free Fair Trade and organic bib by following Fair Trade USA on Twitter.  Lastly, a blog Gina wrote for Fair Trade USA has been published on their blog discussing how to spread the movement of Fair Trade beyond Fair Trade Month. It is re-posted below. Thanks for celebrating Fair Trade Month with us!

Real Family Values: Raising Your Family on Fair Trade

As cliché as it is, children are our future. There is no denying it. What we teach our children now will directly affect the future world. Living by example and showing our children positive family values is crucial to our society. For us, and for fellow conscious consumers, that includes Fair Trade. When it comes to family values many people would not immediately think of Fair Trade, but the truth is that educating our youth on ethics is absolutely essential for instilling in future generations the knowledge and values to create the change we all hope to seek in the world.

As part of the Autonomie Project, a Fair Trade, Eco-friendly, and Vegan fashion and footwear company, we are very aware of the impact our choices have on the world. As conscious consumers ourselves, we were frustrated by the lack of ethical options that were still friendly to our wallets. So we created the Autonomie Project, where our code of ethics puts people, the planet, and the animals above all else. As a company, these three criteria are vital for how we source our products.

20090919_00-41-38We created our company in hopes to provide these easy, sustainable choices to the market while harnessing the power of business and commerce to support disadvantaged producers that typically lack access to the global marketplace. We currently sell an extensive line of Fair Trade & organic baby and children’s clothing, called Little Green RadicalsTM, including shirts, sweatshirts, bibs, and dresses. Dressing your child from head to foot in Fair Trade clothing is a way to make an impact on the communities in which the garments were produced, as well as educate your child on how the impact of their choices can be felt by people all over the world.

Our children’s clothing is produced in a non-profit rehabilitation center in India, where a workforce that is normally dismissed from society is readily employed. The largely female worker population receives a fair wage and benefits, such as room, board and healthcare, which provides stability for these workers and their families to help effectively raise their community out of poverty. By purchasing Fair Trade products for our children, we not only s


upporting this positive ripple effect on these communities, but we are setting a clear model for our future generations to follow and grow. Together we can raise and inspire a new generation who thinks beyond themselves and beyond our borders towards making our world a better place for all.

We find it absolutely essential that the ideals and goals of Fair Trade, sustainability and social justice are passed on to future generations. With a sizeable assortment of Fair Trade items currently on the market, from rice and coffee to clothing and sports balls, it is easier than ever to make ethical purchases that have a positive impact on our earth. Making these smart choices as conscious customers provides a model for our children. It may seem like buying one Fair Trade t-shirt is a minor thing, but setting these examples for your children early in their life makes a huge impression. We need to pass on positive and ethical ideas and choices so that the next generation can create better, more meaningful products and make even better decisions than our own.

-Gina Williams and Team AP

It is time to celebrate all the past and future accomplishments of the Fair Trade movement! October is officially Fair Trade month. This year, Fair Trade USA (formerly Transfair) and others in the fair trade world are looking to bring awareness to the labor and trade issues our world faces with the overall theme of “Every Purchase Matters.” This theme seems fitting since there are now more fair trade products than ever on the market. From clothing to rice and even olive oil, there is an abundance of fairly traded items hitting the shelves, and every single choice you make as a consumer directly affects producers lives.

So just what exactly does Fair Trade month entail? Along with providing education and bringing awareness to fair trade, there are hundreds of celebrations, giveaways, and discounts occurring across the country. Starting tomorrow, October 1st, Fair Trade USA will be launching a new website where users will be able to vote on which fair trade issues matter most: Fighting PovertyProtecting the Environment, Building Sustainable BusinessEmpowering Women or Supporting Education. Also on this website they will be featuring fair trade partners which will result in event announcements and product give-aways! And to top it all off, any donation of up to $10,000 made to Fair Trade USA during October will be matched 100% by the board of directors.

Now you may wonder, what can you do? First, vote on the importance of fair trade issues, spread the word about fair trade month to friends and family via Facebook/Twitter or traditional word of mouth, volunteer with your local Fair Trade Towns campaign (or start a new one in your neighborhood), or attend a fair trade event (or throw one yourself). And don’t forget to think consciously about your purchases and shop fair trade! A simple choice of deciding to go fair trade will impact the lives of fair trade workers and communities.

Lastly, be on the lookout for Autonomie Project’s celebrations as well. We have exciting things coming in the month of October! Happy Fair Trade Month!!!

-Team AP

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