You may know them as the “cougar and cub” couple or from their many films such as “The Butterfly Effect” or Ghost, but there is so much more to Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.  We have discussed many different celebrities that have done a variety of things to help our world, but here is a power couple that is doing the same.  This duo has been trying their hardest to educate the world on human trafficking and how to stop it. After meeting and talking with a girl who was trafficked in the United States, Ashton and Demi decided to take action and created the DNA Foundation.

This foundation was created by Ashton and Demi to raise awareness about sex slavery. They believe it is in our DNA, and a basic human right to be free. The global market for sex slavery generates more than $32 billion in revenue each year and about 2 million children are subject to it. There are between 100,000 to 300,000 children in the U.S. alone that are enslaved and sold for sex. DNA believes in spreading the knowledge about the issue and forcing slavery out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

One of the campaigns that Ashton and Demi have created is the “Real Men” advertisements. These are to promote that real men don’t buy girls. The ads will relate men to different situations and promote that “real men don’t buy girls” all while starring A-list celebrities such as Justin Timberlake and Eva Longoria.  Ashton and Demi were receiving some heat from these ads because of the generalization that it is men. Men may not be the only ones involved in the crime, but it is a real issue and if people didn’t buy women, men, and children for sex, than it wouldn’t be a $32 million dollar industry.

Sex trafficking is a serious problem all over the world; however, there aren’t too many people who are aware of the degree of the situation. The truth is that the average age of entry into this industry is thirteen. I think this fact alone is enough to make someone listen. Sex trafficking is the modern day slavery and can be induced by force, fraud, or coercion.

Victims of sex trafficking can be affected psychologically as well as physically.  It can be traumatizing to any person, but especially a young child. The Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 made the horrendous act a violation against the Federal Law, however the problem still persists.  Victims can face various health issues such as addiction, physical injuries, or diseases. Any and all affects of sex trafficking can have a lifetime, traumatizing affect which no one should have endure.

Handcuff Necklace via GoodMenProject

In order to help raise money for the DNA foundation, Ashton and Demi created a line of handcuff motif necklaces. They worked with the renowned jeweler Jack Vartanian to create the line. The couple hopes the handcuffs will serve as a symbol and will help create more awareness for the child sex slave industry and human trafficking. The pieces are available in white, yellow, and rose gold, as well as black or white diamonds. Although the prices are a bit expensive, the necklaces serve more importance than just a fine piece of jewelry or gift, they represent freedom to men, women, and children all over the world.  In case the necklace is a little too pricey for you, the DNA Foundation also takes any size donations as well as selling cute and hip tees.

We applaud Demi and Ashton for using their star power to the issue of sex slavery. Unfortunately, with all the issues plaguing our world, human trafficking is often overlooked. To learn more about human trafficking check out Not For Sale and the DNA Foundation.  And to learn more about the power couple’s work, watch this video of Demi and Ashton on CNN.

-Lauren Bowler


You may see her as a beautiful actress with a big smile and a sparkle in her eye, but CameronDiaz is much more than that. Not only is she fun-loving and outgoing, but she is doing her part for the environment. She lives green in her life on a daily basis, as well as being an environmental activist. Whether Cameron is driving her prius, recycling, or watching her energy consumption, she is always doing her part for the world.

In 2007, Cameron took her environmentalism into education by writing the foreword for The Green Book: The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step at a Time. She believes that everyone can do their part, whether it’s big or small. She also explains that the earth is the one thing that everybody shares. We survive off the earth and it is the only thing that every being on this planet has in common.

Beyond her writing abilities, Cameron also has an alliance with Live Earth and helped promote their launch. On 7.7.07 Live Earth went live with concerts on 7 different continents to spread awareness of the Climate Change facing our planet. Cameron teamed up with former VicePresident, Al Gore, and Kevin Wall to create the “Most Watched Online Entertainment Event Ever,” which caught the attention of millions of people.

Perhaps the coolest thing she has done was the MTV series Trippin, which targeted the youth of America. The next generation is our future, and it is important they are aware of our environment.

In the show, Cameron and her friends, including Drew Barrymore, explored different parts of the world, some of which are in danger and need help. The crew informed the viewers of the beauty and importance of each place, as well as how they can help and get involved. This just goes to show how great of a person this actress is and how important environmental issues are to her.

Obviously this “wonder-woman” can not dedicate 100% of her time to going green, but she does what she can, when she can. For example, when she is working in the city she often visits the gardens where she takes off her shoes ,and just relaxes barefoot in Mother Nature’s beauty. Cameron even goes as far as hugging trees. She literally loves to just be one with the Earth. She is just the little “green princess” of Hollywood.

-Lauren Bowler

Unless you are an NFL super-fan you may not have heard the name Ovie Mughelli. But his name should be known by the Green Movement as well. In case you don’t know his name, he is an American football fullback for the Atlanta Falcons, but he is more than that. Mughelli has become a spokesperson and advocate of spreading the message of environmental responsibility. In fact, his foundation, the Ovie Mughelli Foundation is dedicated to environmental education for the youth.

Along with being an active, healthy individual Mughelli believes in a healthy environment for our world. He is at a great advantage being an athlete since the youth tend to idolize professional sports stars. He is setting a great example for the children of the world, that everyone can have a positive impact on our world!

Through his foundation, Mughelli provides football training camps for underprivileged youth in the South, but once inside the camps, the kids are also schooled on environmental issues and even have hands on lessons. On top of his foundation actively educating children, Mughelli speaks out regularly for environmental issues. Recently, he did a video to end coal ash and has spoken out against Gulf oil drilling after this year’s epic oil leak. Mughelli was also  recently named the #2 most Eco Athlete by Planet 100!

Mughelli is a near perfect spokesman because unlike other eco-celebrities, he appeals to a wider audience. Many times the public can roll their eyes at celebrity endorsements, being annoyed at their holier than thou attitude. But because athletes attract fans from all over the spectrum, his impact is tenfold. We salute Ovie Mughelli on his environmental education efforts and hope he sets an example for other ethical athletes to become involved in their communities. Watch below for a clip of him speaking out against coal ash.

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