Environmentalists, gamers, and future city planners are all looking forward to something called Anno 2070! What would interest all these people and what is Anno 2070?  We’re glad you asked. Anno 2070 is a new computer game, which part of the franchise of Anno. Now if you aren’t a total gamer, you probably have no idea what that is.  Anno is a series of SimCity-esque computer games set at various times in history.  But the newest edition, launching sometime this year, will take place in the future, the year 2070 to be exact.

The world is a very, or not so very different depending on your perspective, place in the year 2070.  Climate Change has ravished the Earth and sea levels have taken over several cities. The continuation of the planet and the survival of human civilization depend on how you play the game. You have two options to become either the Tycoons, who are industrial and the Ecos, who are environmentally friendly.  How you play either of those settings, will decide the look of your cities as well as the fate of the planet. 

Environmentalists are loving this game as it gives a glimpse into our Earth’s possible future if the lifestyle we currently lead continues.  However, it doesn’t just give one a prediction of the future, it actively allows the player to creatively solve the environmental crisis, if this can be done, and find ways for modern human society to still flourish in a not so perfect environment.

Even though it is a hypothetical situation, it could influence people to live more sustainably in their own time and place, as well as in the game.  A game with a socially conscious message? Times definitely are a’changin’! Even if you don’t end up playing the game, possibly you can learn a few lessons just from the trailer, “Your decisions change the face of the world. Ecological technology or the industrial standard? Sustainability or mass consumption? Deal with today’s global challenges and create the future.” Will you be playing Anno 2070?