It just so happens that Mother’s Day lands on the same weekend we are celebrating World Fair Trade Day! It also comes a few weeks after Earth Day and some are even suggesting celebrating Mother Earth Day. The great thing about all these holidays falling so near each other is that you can purchase your Mother’s Day gift while celebrating Fair Trade and the Earth. We have come up with a fun list of ethical gifts to give your mom, whether they be Fair Trade or eco-friendly, they’re sure to bring a smile to any Mother’s face.

Mother’s Day Ethical Gift Guide

Re-cycled Cards: Every Mom loves a card that expresses her child’s love. Rather than spending $5 on a store-bought card, make one out of old cards and paper around the house. This is an especially fun project with small children, as they will enjoy making something for Mom. There are tons of great sites online that will give you ideas. Here are a few we like: Recycled Items, e-How, and Mother’s Day Cards.

Organic Herbs: If your Mother has a green thumb, check out some of these great gift ides. We love the Growbottle, which are indoor hydro-gardens. The look is modern and sleek and you can choose from organic chives, basil, oregano, mint, and parsley. Just pick out your gardening Mom’s favorite herb or buy her the whole set. Another great idea is to give her a set of organic seeds which she can grow in her outdoor garden. Seeds of Change is a wonderful resource and you should be able to find organic seed packets at any local hardware/garden store.

Fair Trade Goodies:  No mother can so no to a goodie basket! Try putting together your own basket of Fair Trade treats. Chocolate is a great place to start. Fortunately, Fair Trade chocolate is made in many forms from bars to truffles. You can also add  Fair Trade wine or vodka to eat with the candies. If your Mom doesn’t drink, check for Fair Trade soda, tea, or coffee.

Fair Trade Scarves:  No Mom can deny a good scarf, especially if it comes with an ethical background. Luckily Fair Trade scarves are fairly easy to find.  There are a lot of lovely scarves to be found at Fair Trade stores such as Ten Thousand Villages, World of Good, and Global Good Partners, all who carry Fair Trade products. We especially love the”Block Printed Scarf” from Global Good Partners.

Green Jewelry: And we don’t mean the color here. There are plenty of great eco-friendly jewelry on the market. If you are looking for something to really dazzle your Mother, check out Green Karat. They use recycled gold, silver, and gems and never use diamond mining in their jewelry. If you are looking for something a little less fancy, check World of Good and Etsy for recycled or eco jewelry. We personally love these Fair Trade and eco bracelets from the Andean Collection. They are made with the  Tagua nut, harvested from the forest floor.

Fair Trade/Organic Flowers: We know our Mothers love getting flowers for Mother’s Day, so if you want to go this route, you have an ethical choice. Take a look at Organic Style.  Not only are many of their flowers organic with high labor standards, their vases and packaging are recycled and they purchase carbon offsets. You can choose from beautiful roses to Spring mixed bouquets.

Fair Trade/Organic Tee: If your Mom is the laid back type that likes to wear her heart on her sleeve. Why not get her this organic, Fair Trade certified tee from Autonomie Project. When she wears it, she can promote her and your philosophy of Fair Trade. She’ll not only think of you while wearing it, but spread the values of Fair Trade.


With two days left until Christmas, the procrastinators of the world are coming out in full force. Perhaps you were too busy to go shopping, maybe you couldn’t decide what to get, or you might have just been plain putting it off.  Last minute gifts usually means long lines, fights, crowds and all at large chain stores. There will be very few choices left and you’ll end up purchasing whatever you can, rather than a meaningful gift. We understand this position and have been in it many a year. We also understand that giving something environmentally friendly is important to many of us. Just because you procrastinated, doesn’t mean you have to skip on eco gifts. So we have put together a helpful guide on some great last-minute eco-friendly gifts. Good luck out there!

Eco-friendly Starter Kit: You’re low on time, but you want to get your loved one a gift that introduces them to using eco-friendly products. This should be a pretty fast and easy gift to put together. You can run down to your local store, Whole Foods, or even Supermarket, grab a bucket or basket and purchase some eco cleaning such as soaps, detergent, recyclable paper towels, shampoo etc. You may even be able to snag a helpful tip book at your local co-op or Whole Foods.

Travel Mugs: Disposable coffee cups are terrible for the environment, yet super convenient, as many people still use them. However, for the coffee, tea, or cocoa lovers on your list, get them a responsibly made travel mug. You should be able to find some at any store or cafe. Just be sure not to purchase any that are made of plastic. For a better treat, add some coffee or tea to their gift!

Organic Goodie Basket: Places like Whole Foods and supermarkets are open late and are chock full of organic goodies. Grab a basket and fill it with all sorts of organic items. You can do a fruit and nut basket, add some organic chocolate and crackers. Better yet, if you happen to have a Farmer’s Market in the next couple of days, purchase some fruit from local farms or some gift items like organic kettle corn.

Eco Bath Set: Another easy and quick gift for your loved ones that love to pamper themselves. You can find many eco friendly bath goodies, such as fancy soaps, bath salts, natural sponges, and of course bubble bath. Just go to the natural foods section or bath products section of most stores. Of course if you are going to a local natural foods store or even Whole Foods, you’ll likely only find eco bath items!

Organic & Local Wine, Beer, & Spirits: Most people appreciate a nice bottle of wine, a frosty bottle of beer, or a warm spirit to enjoy on Christmas Eve or day. An easy eco fix is to purchase organic versions. You have a ton of options in the wine department, as there are many wineries going organic or at least using organic grapes. Here is a small list of organic wines, but you should be able to locate many others at your local store, just be sure to read the label.  For beer, we recommend you go with your local micro-breweries, but there are also great organic beer companies such as Bison Brewery or Peak Organics.  Spirits may be a little harder to find a few days before Christmas, however, you may be able to find some of the larger organic vodkas and rums at a large liquor store. Look for Square One Vodka, Greenbar Collective, Rain Vodka, and Crusoe Rum. These gifts will definitely add a little kick to the holiday spirit!

Organic Homemade Sweets: When you just can’t think of anything to buy, make some gifts of your own, just be sure to get all organic ingredients! Many of your favorite holiday recipes can be made organic and even vegan! Everything from the cocoa to the sugar can be purchased organic and in bulk(that way you cut down on waste).  Try out some of our great organic and vegan holiday recipes or try one of your own.

Gift Cards: When in doubt, you can always purchase a gift card to an eco-friendly store or restaurant. There are plenty online stores, that you can just print or email your gift card. This gives you up until Christmas morning to purchase a gift! Try Autonomie Project, eco clothing & footwear, Greenheart, fair trade & eco gifts, and even Pangea Vegan Shop. Also, check out Pristine Planet for a whole host of eco gift cards.  If you have a local green or organic restaurant, consider stopping in and purchasing a gift certificate. For a list of Green Certified restaurants check here.

Donation Gifts: Another easy and quick online purchase, is to make a donation in your loved ones name. You can do everything from planting a tree to giving school supplies. You can even sponsor a rescued animal or adopt an endangered species. See our guide to Gifts that Keep on Giving for a great list of different donation options.

We’ve made it through Mother’s Day and already next weekend Father’s Day will be here!  Dad has been helping you for all those years and perhaps helping you out with a little bit of green here and there.  This Sunday is your chance to show your appreciation to the man who had a hand in raising you. Why not return the favor, and celebrate Dad with some shades of green?  Celebrating your Pops and respecting the Earth can go hand in hand. We have put together a helpful Eco-friendly Father’s Day Guide to help you do just that. Thank you to all the Daddies out there and Happy Father’s Day!

Eco-Friendly Father’s Day Guide

Get Outside: If your Dad is anything like ours, he will want to get out and get active! A perfect way to spend the day with your Dad and be green get out and enjoy your day. Go for a hike, a bike ride, sailing, canoeing or even surfing. Your Dad will be impressed with your planning and outdoor skills and you can tread lightly on the Earth. Seek out local hiking and biking trails or local lakes. Remember not to travel too far by car or else you defeat the eco aspect.

Wine Down: Maybe your Father is less of the adventurous type and more of the wind down wine connoisseur. This is an easy fix. You could easily purchase a bottle of great organic wine such as Frey or Badger Mountain. If you want to take it one step further you could present the wine in a neat recycled wine rack. There are some really artsy ones made from recycled and re-used materials like corks, vinyl records, an old ammunition case. Of course you could always take him out for a night on the town at several eco-friendly bars such as Elixir in San Francisco and Bambara in Boston.

Beer It All: So maybe your Dad isn’t so keen on the wine front but would rather suck down a cold one. Bring him a six-pack of your favorite organic and eco-friendly beer such as Bison Brewery or New Belgium.  Another great idea, would be to take him on a brewery tour of your local organic or mico-brew. Micro-breweries are popping up all over the country and you’d be hard pressed not to find one in your area. Plus beer tours are not only fun, but include tasty samplings.

Go Go Gadget: Alright, your Father may be neither the adventurous sort or the wine lover, but in case he’s the guy that loves his toys and gadgets, we’ve got options for you! Solar powered chargers are all the rage these days fitted for your Dad’s Smartphone to his iPod and even his digital camera. He can be a walking gadget charger and never has to worry about his carbon footprint while doing it. Also, if he is a work-a-holic and never leaves the house without his laptop, check out this guide to solar laptop chargers.

Suit Him Up: If your Dad loves a good suit, add to his collection by taking the eco-friendly route. If money is an issue, purchase him an accent piece, like a great tie or wallet. We found these neat reclaimed wooden suit ties  or how about a wallet made from recycled bike tubes. But if you want to pull out the big guns, check out this whole suit made from recycled plastic bottles! Literally dress your Pops in head to toe eco fashion!

Father’s Day is a twenty four hour period of time set aside to let your Pops know you appreciate all that he has done for you throughout your life. Especially for how he resisted the urge to kill you during your rebellious teen years and for all the valuable knowledge that he imparted onto you-  most specifically that money does not grow on trees and that holding the refrigerator door open for longer than fifteen seconds makes the angels cry and the electric bill soar.

While fathers come in all shapes, sizes and temperaments, we should not forget to keep the environment in mind while we put our non-tree growing dollars towards an unique Father’s Day gift this year. No need to  fret, eco-friendly gift giving is simpler than ever before and we have advice for where to shop for your own particular breed of Dad. No, I am not talking “Lecture Giving Dad” or “Frugal Dad”, I am referring to our father’s interest as men outside their paternal tendencies, because when it comes down to it, our Dads just want to get loose and relax on their special day doing what they love to do best- which likely does not involve you, his dear child.

I kid, I kid. Without further ado, here is a handy guide to eco-friendly Father’s Day gift giving!

Classy Dad:  Classy Dads enjoy the finer things in life- champagne, caviar and your new Stepmom who graduated high school two years after you are among his greatest passions in life. This is the rare type of Dad that will not groan to himself when receiving the cliché gift of a tie for Father’s Day, but rather feel a zip of excitement at the notion of broadening his necktie army. His newest fashion recruit does not have to come at a detriment to the environment, check out this fashionable and eco-friendly tie from CROW.

Classy Dads likely have many people to see and numerous places to go, so being punctual is a way of life. This watch by Pulsar is solar-powered and  is the perfect gift  to keep this  go-getter on time  and in style.

Your Dad will likely have plenty of time to charge this bad boy in the Sun as he cruises around town in his convertible with your new Mom. Sorry about the awkward Thanksgivings in your future, brah.

Adventure Dad:
If Mountain Dew had a casting call for X-treme Dads, your father likely would miss that business because he would be too busy base jumping off of cliffs in South America. This is the type of Dad who likes to grip and rip the heck out of life at all times.; the type of man you likely have trouble keeping up with even though he has a good thirty years on you.  For this particular type of Dad you may want to cater to his x-tremeness by giving him some eco-friendly accessories for his next adventure. The Infinit Solar Charging Bag will allow your dear old Dad to charge his portable gadgets while on the go…which is to say, at all times!

Encourage the old man to rest soundly between adventures by giving him the Big Agnes Diversion Recycled Insulated Air Core Sleeping Pad. It packs lightly and tightly and will fit in his aforementioned solar charging back pack. It will also allow him to catch some well deserved zzz’s comfortably while camping out in the latest corner of the world he is attempting to conquer.

Go, Go, Gadget Dad!: This is the type of guy who goes gaga for anything featuring the latest technology. You were probably the first family on the block to a own a microwave, a VCR  and a home computer. Now it is your turn to return the gift of gadgetry this Father’s Day. If you are having a particularly lucrative year or have recently stumbled upon a bag of unmarked hundred dollar bills, this eco-friendly and entirely rad robotic lawn mower may be the perfect gift for your beloved Papa. If this this  ‘green’ battery powered mower is a little steep for your budget, or you blew that unmarked money immediately on scratch tickets and a year’s supply of wine coolers, or your Dad does not even have a lawn,  then check out Mercury Innovations and their clever, yet affordable, eco-friendly speaker and boom box offerings.

B.B.Q Enthusiast Dad: Grilling is like meditation for this kind of Dad. If you see this particular breed of man laboring over his grill, spatula in hand,  you know better than to interrupt  him to suggest that some food stuff might be” done” or in need of “flipping”.  If you follow these simple rules and tread lightly around this grilling machine,  you will likely get to share in the delicious fruits of his labor. This father’s day, say thanks to your father for the countless successful BBQs he has catered throughout his life by purchasing accessories for his favorite accessory, his beloved grill. This innovative grill stone kit, made of recycled glass bottles rescued from landfills, can replace a tired, old rusty wire brush for grill cleaning. This 3 piece bamboo grill set will have your dad grilling in eco-friendly style.

Grilling is not always the most eco-friendly activity, but save the lectures about Organic food and fossil fuels for the Monday following Father’s Day. One eco-step at a time, people.

Bookworm/ Movie Buff Dad:
Perhaps the least emphasized part of the green mantra of  “reduce, recycle, reuse”  is the “reuse” part. You might be thinking:

“Hey, I am not getting my Dad some used junk for Father’s day! That man taught me to drive and used to let me sneak sips of his beer when my Mom wasn’t looking!”

Hey now, I am not implying that you give your dad a tattered old sock you find on the side of the road, but if your Dad happens to be book worm or a movie buff, then why not get more bang for your buck and buy the man some previously used books or DVDs? Not only will you  be doing the Earth a solid, but there are plenty of “good as new “ items available at your local consignment shops that will help you save money. It is the thought that counts, and speaking of counting, your dad will love getting 10 DVDs for the price of 1. The frugal man who raised you to know that generic products are just as good as name brand counterparts will be proud.

The environment won’t think you’re too shabby either.

Lazy Sunday Dad: I have an inkling that most Dads fall under this category. Even the most adventurous father likes to spend a lazy day taking naps on the couch from time to time. Can you blame him? Raising you was not a barrel of laughs. Remember that time you decided you were going to take up the electric guitar? That man shelled out the money for your instrument,  then had to endure  listening to endless hours of you attempting to learn how to play “Smoke on the Water” only to watch idly as you gave up on music forever after receiving your first Playstation, Sega, Nintendo or Atari – depending on what era you grew up in. Reward your Dad for watching you fail and loving you anyways by encouraging him to get his lazy on every so often. Nothing says, “Relax for a spell” like a contraption that forces you to be horizontal and that is surprisingly difficult to get out of once you are ensnared in its loving, rope-like embrace. Your best bet for encouraging your Dad to unwind is to give your Dad an eco-friendly hammock, such as this one that is made out of recycled soda bottles.

If you are feeling ambitious you can always make your own eco-friendly hammock by following these handy directions from Planet Green. It may not be on par with the macaroni art you used to create for him, but I am certain your dad will appreciate it -and that this time your creation will not likely find its way to the trash come garbage day.

Above all else, try to spend this Father’s Day with the man you are lucky enough to call “Dad”. Tell him that you love him and that you appreciate his patience while raising you. Not only is that the gift that won’t stop giving, but it is entirely eco-friendly….unless you speak those words of gratitude while burning a pile or tires, which I would have to strongly discourage.

If you don’t get him a present, I am sure he will understand,  just explain that money doesn’t grow on tress, and wait for a proud look to wash over his face–or for him to slap the back of your head. Raising kids is not cheap business, so he may be looking for some payback.

Happy Father’s Day, folks!

-Meghan Hurley

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Grass is green
Valentine’s Day can be too

Ok, perhaps I am not a poet, but my pathetic attempt at rhyming has a point (of sorts) within its clichéd words. Valentine’s day is almost upon us, a glorious day in which people feel bullied into being unnaturally romantic for a twenty four hour period of time in the middle of February. Singles feel more acutely aware of their singleness and couples-even those who recognize the foolishness of this Hallmark holiday- feel the need to not disappoint their mate by ignoring this day altogether. Both singles and couples alike can agree that this holiday is decidedly unfriendly to the environment.

As with most of occurrences in life, I can not help but to relate it back to an episode of The Simpsons. Homer, Marge and their spiky hair offspring are shown celebrating “Love Day”, a holiday invented by a fictional store named Costigans to boost sales. When this “holiday” comes to a close, a huge pile of trash is compiled, its contents include an adorable teddy bear named Sir-Loves-A lot- the bear that loves to love.

To avoid your own mountain of love debris, try to take an environmentally friendly approach to Valentine’s Day this year. You can try to convince your mate that forgoing all presents is the most eco-friendly way to spend the holiday, but let’s face it- sleeping on the couch is not a fun prospect.

Greeting Cards: Greeting cards filled with sentimental jargon are without a doubt the least eco-friendly part of Valentine’s day. Instead of picking out a card this year with Snoopy on its cover with a poem resembling the masterpiece above inside, consider taking a greener approach to telling the one you love exactly how you feel. You can start by speaking  it to them. Telling someone how much they mean to you is not only romantic, but pretty darn eco-friendly. If you still need to see your feelings in print, send an e-mail greeting card. If you are feeling particularly crafty, consider assembling your own card from recycled goods from around your abode. If you are feeling cryptic- consider writing a message to your beloved on your steamed up bathroom mirror with your finger. You can tell her a ghost did it – nothing is as romantic as an good ol’-fashioned Valentine’s prank.

Chocolate: One of the most prevailing images associated with this holiday-besides the semi-naked baby wielding a bow and arrow- is the box of chocolates shaped like a heart. As romantic as heart-shaped cardboard is, the truth of the matter is that it is what’s inside the box that counts. Do not fret, you can still get your sweetie her delicious chocolates, just make sure they are Fair Trade and/or Organic. Check out companies such as Equal ExchangeDivine Chocolate, or Dagoba Chocolates for tasty and ethical treats. For more ideas on organic and Fair Trade chocolates, some more V-day inspired than others, check out this list by The Daily Green. Nothing says, “I love you, schnookums” like a tasty candy that is produced in the most conscientious manner possible.

Lingerie: A successful Valentine’s, more often than not, ends in the bedroom. Things can get a little PG-13 in there, so you may want to consider getting gussied up, eco-friendly style. Purchase adorable undergarments that are made from sustainable materials from companies such as Enamore. For more ideas of ethical unmentionables, take a look at this list! Then, crank up the Barry White and enjoy yourselves. (Warning: Barry White has been known to make the most pure among us slip our slacks off. Use with caution.)

Organic Wines: Sipping on a glass of wine is a key step in a successful romantic evening. If commercials for R & B  song collections have taught me anything, this wine should be drank by a roaring fire while gazing into your lover’s eyes. Being eco-friendly does not mean skipping out on this sensual tradition, simply get yourself a bottle of delicious organic wine.  Companies such as Frog’s Leap and Frey make their wine from organic grapes. Go the extra green mile and open this bottle of vino with this awesome bottle opener, which is made from recycled bike chains and pretty cool looking, to boot.

Jewelry:  If you can not resist giving your honey the gift of jewelry this Valentine’s Day, look for jewelry made from recycled goods. Pieces from companies like Upcycled Jewelry are  both lovely and unique- qualities perhaps shared with your sweetheart? You can use that line, free of charge, because compliments are the gift that keep on giving.

Flowers:  The presentation of a beautiful bouquet  is  not  only a way  for thoughtless sitcom husbands apologize to their nagging wives, it is also a way for real life couple’s to say, “Hey, you are pretty alright.” to their baby or muffin pie. Buying flowers locally that are in season, and whenever possible organic, is a way to double your romancing power-it is like amending your previous, “Hey, you are pretty alright” with a ,“and I think Mother Earth is pretty swell too.” Keeping mother earth happy is of utmost importance, for even if your relationship goes down in flames she will be there to catch your tears with  her soil. She is pretty considerate that way. But if you can’t purchase them locally or live in a wintery climate that doesn’t support blooms in February, consider sites like Organic Style to send flowers to your love.

Be Thoughtful: Romance is not about money spent, this Valentine’s day do something thoughtful for your better half. Even if it is something as simple as making them  a simple (hopefully organic) dinner or bringing them Fair Trade coffee in bed, it will show them that you appreciate and love them more than a dollar amount can express.

Have a happy Love Day….err, I mean, Valentine’s day, everyone.  We can all take a lesson from Sir-Loves-A lot and be sure that you love to love-meaning, whatever you do to celebrate, make sure it is not from a sense of duty but from a need to let your doodle bug how much they mean to you.

Try to do it the other 364 days a year too and you may just have yourself a lasting and happy relationship.

-Meghan Hurley & the AP Team

dscn05441Last month, we had a blast at Coop America’s San Francisco Green Festival! As usual, this event was amazing. 3 days chock full of excellent speakers, great friends to network with, and tons of excellent shopping. And check out these crowds…. even with tempting beautiful weather all weekend, thousands of you made it over to the Concourse Center to go green and support ethical companies like Autonomie.

This weekend, we’re psyched to head back out to the West Coast to hang out in the Villa at the Eco Gift Festival!  This Santa Monica festival’s mission is to provide an uplifting and ethical holiday experience as well as a solution to the difficult emotions, inconveniences and terrible waste associated with the holidays and holiday shopping.


We’re sure this weekend will be a hit with hundreds of captivating exhibitors, top notch musical acts like The Luminaries and Tom Freund, and inspirational speakers like keynote Arianna Huffington.

The event takes place at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium on Main Street THIS Friday, Saturday and Sunday December 12-14. So if you’re in the LA-area, we hope you’ll take the time to stop by and say hi.  Tickets are only $10, or $20 for the entire weekend!  We’ll be in booth 438 located in the tent just outside the Auditorium selling our sneaks, tees and bags and bringing some good old-fashioned Fair Trade lovin’ to Southern California.  Hope to see you there!

With Thanksgiving out of the way its time to start Holiday shopping! Want to make sure your gift giving is as friendly to nature as it is to the receiver? Well we at AP have put together some suggestions on green gift giving for the 2008 season!

There are many items out there on the market that are great gifts and easy on the environment, including a ton of websites that host these gifts. A great resource for all things green including green gifts is Co-Op America’s Green Pages. Also try SustainLane, as they do product reviews, as well as listings of Green gifts. Another great resource is ECOnsciousmarket for great gift ideas and purchases . Lastly, World of Good hosted by Ebay is a market where you can purchase Eco friendly and Fair Trade products.

There are thousands of smaller websites that sell gifts such as Taraluna and Treehouse Green Gifts. You also might want to keep it local and find some shops in your area . We don’t know about your area but we know in Boston both Greenward and Cambridge Naturals carry wonderful eco friendly gifts for the holidays! To find places in your area check out Co-Op America’s Green Pages.

On top of where to buy great green gift ideas we thought we would put together a list of green gift ideas for your family or friends who don’t know much about the environment but want to make a change, or even for the seasoned green veteran.

1) Green Living Books: For the person in your life who wants to make an eco change but isn’t sure how, this is a great gift! There are hundreds of books out there that act as a guide to living green. Some great ones are It’s Easy Being Green: A Handbook For Earth Friendly Living and A Guide to Living Lightly. These book and others like them will help show your friends and family how living green is the way of the future!

2) Eco Products: Many of the websites we listed sell reputable green gifts. The best way to show a new eco friendly person that living green is easy is to give a traditional product turned green. For instance these candle holders made from recycled bike parts. Or for the pampered woman in your life how about some organic bath and lotion products? You may even want to give someone an item they would never think could be green such as Ethletic Sneakers by AP or handbags. Giving an eco-friendly product for a gift may open your family or friends eyes to how easy it is to shop green and how many products there really are out there!

3) Green Home Starter Packs: A great gift idea for a green newbie is to put together a Green Home Starter Pack which could included items such as Energy Saving Light bulbs and Green Cleaning Products. This is great for someone who wants to make the change at home but hasn’t quite done it. You could also include one of the books mentioned above!

4) Green Company Subscriptions: Purchase a subscription to a green company that you feel they wouldn’t purchase for themselves. Some good ideas are a membership to their local food co-op, a membership to an Organic Food delivery system like Boston Organics, a subscription to a green magazine or organization.  Or maybe even an Organic Wine of the Month subscription! Any wine lover will be pleased to try many different types of wines, but put a twist on this holiday gift with the addition of green wines!!

5) Donate in their Honor: If you want to skip all the materialism and consumerism this season, donate to an Eco-friendly cause in your loved ones honor. This is an easy and simple gift to purchase and will make you and your loved one feel great! There are plenty of organizations to donate to for instance through the Nature Conservancy you can adopt anything from the Rainforest to the Rocky Mountains. Also, you can Give the Gift of Water to those who need it, Plant a tree in their honor, adopt an endangered species, or even make a Micro Loan for them. Check out these other donation gift ideas at the Daily Green.

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