Sugarland aka Supermarket Photo By √oхέƒx™The modern world as lent us to wonderful inventions such as the jet plane, computers, and even ipods. However, this modern life has also included a change in the way we eat, thus the advent of packaged foods. Now I could go on for hours about how packaged and prepared foods are affecting our overall health and diet, but that is not he point of this entry. Yes, packaged food affects our bodies but it also affects our planet. The amount of energy and resources it takes to create such packaging is astounding, not to mention that most of it consists of plastic, which as we all know is damaging to the world around us.

However, recently the Green Movement has been changing the way food is packaged. Many companies are starting to introduce new materials such as recycled plastics as in Aveda Shampoos, whose bottles are made from 96% Post Consumer Recyclables. But there is also a move to produce compostable items, for example Whole Foods Market’s packaged bakery items now come in 100% biodegradable trays. These innovations are a great start for the industry.

No-Bakery Cake Cover Photo By Montgomery Cty Division of Solid Waste ServicesAnd its not just the food industry who want to see change. Consumers are actually demanding that companies reduce packaging or move to more Earth friendly ones. In a recent marketing poll, consumers stated that one of the most important item food companies should focus on is making packaging more environmentally friendly. Also, scoring high on the list was providing more healthy and fresh ingredients. It seems that consumer trends are leading to a healthy and more environmentally sound lifestyle, at least when it comes to foods.

We find this data particularly inspiring and hope to see more innovation among packaged food producers, as well as additional fresh ingredients. At least we can be satisfied with the knowledge that the American consumer is asking for these changes, because if the food companies will answer to anyone, it will be where the money is.