Halloween is now only days away and everyone is preparing for Saturday’s festivities.  Since, October is officially Fair Trade Month and since Halloween is on the last day of the month, we think it is a perfect opportunity to celebrate both.  This year we suggest you hand out Fair Trade chocolates as Halloween treats! Not only will you be supporting Fair Trade and the farmers who produce the chocolate, but you will be educating your community on Fair Trade.

When you drop a piece of candy with the Fair Trade label into a child’s pillow case, you are spreading the Fair Trade message. Suppose that child take home his goodies for his parents to check over, they will see the symbol. If they don’t know what the Fair Trade symbol is, hopefully they will look it up. Or maybe the child will ask their parents what exactly the symbol means. Either way, the act of giving Fair Trade Halloween treats will get the conversation started and families talking about fair trade values.

On top of spreading the message during the spooky holiday, purchasing Fair Trade chocolate treats is of utmost importance, considering the plight of the conventional chocolate laborer.  There have been reports of slave labor, child labor, safety hazards, and low wages in the chocolate industry, including market giants such as Hershey’s. By not purchasing conventional chocolate and handing out Fair Trade chocolates, you can support good labor and boycott abusive companies.

So where do you get these tasty treats? There are a few companies that offer small chocolates to hand out, perfect for trick or treating. These include Equal ExchangeSjaak’s, and Dagoba. These cute little chocolates, especially those from Sjaak’s are perfectly made for handing out on Halloween night. Also, Global Exchange offers this handy Fair Trade Trick-or-Treat Action Kit. The kit includes 40 Equal Exchange minis to hand out, informational Fair Trade cards, an eco-friendly trick-or-treat bag, and a “Fair Trade is Boo-tiful” poster.  You can still order this kit and receive it in time for the holiday if you order in the next two days.

Remember, take advantage of a fun and festival holiday to spread the Fair Trade message to your communities! Enjoy the last few days of Fair Trade Month and have a Happy Halloween!!