Earlier this year we wrote a piece on organic and vegan wine. However, we are now happy to highlight Etica Fair Trade! This is a small and new company that imports Fair Trade wines. We write this with great excitement, as an official fair trade certification for wines has been lacking! Most of their wine comes from Fair Trade wineries in Chile and South Africa. This week Co-op America has featured the owner and founder of Etica as one of their Faces of Green Pages. The company is a Co-op America Green business and is part of the Fair Trade Federation.

The wine was originally only distributed to restaurants and stores in Minnesota, but have now branched out to several states. Of course all their wine is available for sale on the website! We have yet to try the wine ourselves, as it is not yet distributed to Massachusetts and shipping wine is illegal here. But as soon as it is available in local Boston stores, you bet we will run out and support this company!

As well as providing Fair Trade wine to the US, Etica also gives back to the communities they work with and offsets their importing impact! Tiffany, the owner and founder is dedicated to the Fair Trade cause and through her interview with Co-op America states that more should be done in the wine industry to protect wokers, even here in the US.

So if you are looking for a relaxing glass of wine or night on the town, check out Etica for their Fair Trade wines. One last thing, they also have a blog: Drink Like You Give A Damn where they discuss fair trade issues as well as politics and events. We can’t wait to get our hands on our first glass of fair trade wine!!! We suggest you get some too!