Photo of Smores Bars Photo By foodistablogOne of the best things about summer is the good old fashioned camping trips. For children, and some fun loving adults their favorite camping activity is around the campfire, cooking delicious and sweet s’mores! ┬áThis summer, Global Exchange is promoting a new campaign: We Want More from Our S’mores! They are using the summer s’mores to help convince Hershey’s in to switch to Fair Trade chocolate. The chocolate industry is known for its labor abuses both in the farming and production of chocolate. Boycotting Hershey’s, which is the number one chocolate producer in the US, will bring awareness to Fair Trade in general and other smaller Fair Trade companies. This year’s goal is to register 1,500 names on a petition to send to Hershey’s headquarters.

Smores for All! Photo By cortneymartin82So how do you get involved?! Well Global Exchange is asking all Fair Traders to get involved by holding s’mores events to collect signatures. Anytime you hold a public event such as a festival, summer camp, BBQ, or even with with your family: make some s’mores and bring some awareness to the cause. Global Exchange has put together a nice checklist on how to put together an event as well as provide you with a mock flyer to post up and hand out. Once you have completed your event, please send the signatures to Global Exchange who is compiling them and sending them off to Hershey’s!

Even if you can not plan an actual event, please support Fair Trade chocolate when you are buying your s’mores supplies. Fair Trade chocolate is easier to find than you think. Check out companies such as Equal Exchange, Divine Chocolate, and Alter Eco. And for all the vegans out there, if you are looking for vegan marshmallows to complete your s’more, check out Sweet & Sara.

smores [girls camping trip] Photo By: woodleywonderworksAlso, for those that live in the San Francisco Bay Area, Global Exchange is hosting a Fair Trade S’mores Happy Hour! They ask you to bring your own s’mores ingredients, except for the chocolate, it will be provided for free. Along with the indulgence in campground favorites, there will also be free chocolate taste testing, pinatas, and live music. If you are in the area, come support and eat chocolate! It takes place this Wednesday, July 29th from 6:00-8:00 pm in Speedway Meadow at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

Please enjoy your summer camping and cookouts but be sure if you are making any s’mores to please use Fair Trade chocolate. And if you are serious about bringing change, consider hosting an event to gather signatures and bring awareness to the problems in the chocolate industry. Mmm….all this talk of s’mores has me salivating, I think I’ll go roast one at the park!