Eggs of Many Colors Photo By woodleywonderworksA small victory has occurred in the animal rights world! That’s right, the first major egg supplier, Radlo Farms has announced it has cut ties from a Massachusetts farm that had gross mistreatment of their hens. They have also officially decided to go cage free within the next ten years. This may seem like a small feat, but this is actually an exciting step in phasing out the abuse of the egg industry.

Battery Cages Photo By Egg IndustryAs we highlighted in an earlier post, the egg industry is fraught with horrible abuses and unimaginable horrors that the hens endure., including having their beaks burnt off and forced starvation. As well, as plenty of hormones and unhealthy production of the eggs. And a lot of these abuses are caused by the use of battery cages.  That’s why it is especially encouraging to see a major egg distributor choose to make a change to cage free chickens. Although they have pledged to do so in ten years, which actually is a little too long. It seems they should be able to phase such changes sooner and we would certainly love to see them try!

Gallina [en. hen, fr. poule] (Gallus gallus domesticus) Photo By Cristóbal Alvarado MinicThe reason the subject of animal abuse came up at this farm was through a pretty impressive investigation conducted by Mercy for Animals, an animal rights non profit. Some members went undercover and were able to film the disgusting living conditions of the hens as well as video workers swinging the chickens around by the neck! The investigation spurred Radlo to cease all business with the particular farm and Massachusetts state agriculture inspectors have since investigated the farm to see if possible charges should be brought upon the farm. Once all of the abuses were brought to light, Randlo, with the encouragement of  its franchiser Eggland’s Best decided to stop all supplies from this farm and has then pledged to go completely cage free.

As we said  before, this may be a tiny victory in the scheme of things, its a step in the right direction. If this large of an egg supplier has made this move, then it is quite possible other large distributors and farms could follow suit. This is just the type of transition we need! So please, if you aren’t vegan, purchase from cage free farms and companies. It makes a world of difference for the life of the hens.