Next week marks the beginning of World Fair Trade Day! It’s a day to celebrate and bring awareness to the issues of labor rights and Fair Trade. Only a few days after International Worker’s Rights Day, World Fair Trade Day is just as important when it comes to labor issues. It is a day to draw attention to a different way to do commerce, a responsible way.  Although there are many ways to support Fair Trade in your daily life, but to celebrate the movement in one day across the world is pretty exciting!

What’s more exciting is we are participating in Fair Trade Boston’s World Fair Trade Day Scavenger Hunt! We have teamed up with Fair Trade Boston and Cambridge’s Sudo Shoes to participate in this awesome fair trade party. The Scavenger Hunt will take place all over the cities of Boston, Cambridge and Brookline on Saturday May 12th from noon to 3pm.  People wanting to participate are encouraged to RSVP and download the free SCVNR app.

All day on Saturday, participants will be visiting many locations including Ten Thousand Villages, Ben & Jerry’s, and Sudo Shoes. The best part is you can win a Fair Trade prize at every location you visit! The more locations you visit, the more likely you will win one of the Grand Prizes from awesome Fair Trade companies including yours truly (Autonomie Project), Ten Thousand Villages, Equal Exchange, Haley House, Ben &
Jerry’s, and City Feed and Supply.

But the fun doesn’t end there! After the Scavenger Hunt ends, everyone is invited to a Fair Trade Ice Cream Social! All are asked to meet at the Equal Exchange Cafe to have delicious Fair Trade ice cream floats from Ben & Jerry’s, Maine Root, and Equal Exchange.

We are super excited to be participating in such a unique and fun event for Boston area residents! If you are in the area, please join us for the Fair Trade Scavenger Hunt on May 12th and win some awesome Fair Trade goodies. Why not go?


In case you haven’t heard, October is Fair Trade! Every year the Fair Trade community raises awareness and celebrates all that is Fair Trade for the entire month of October. This year, Autonomie is excited about celebrating one of our key ethical missions: Fair Trade and we have some exciting promotions coming up!

This year, we wanted to bring Fair Trade back to its roots: the workers, the farmers, and the artisans. Who are they and how does your purchases really affect them? That’s why for the entire month of October we will be featuring stories on the producers for our products including the sneakers, flip flops, and Little Green Radical children’s wear. Each of the four weeks of October, we will feature a specific producer story for one of these products on our blog. We will also be posting pictures of the producers on our Facebook during the entire week.

But here is where you come in! When you see either the blog or album posted to our Facebook, share our post with your friends by choosing the “Share” option under our post! We will choose one lucky winner who shares the producer’s stories to win one of the featured products of that week. You read that right, free Fair Trade goodies for spreading the word.

We will also be holding a special sale for the entire week on the products the producer of the week created such as onesies, children’s dresses, flip flops, or sneakers! Not only will you have a chance to see how your AP purchases make an impact on Fair Trade, but also score some great discounted Fair Trade threads and possibly win a free AP Fair Trade item!

Also be on the lookout for exciting new Fair Trade and ethical products launching mid month. You will want to be the first to know about these.

Be sure to keep up to date on our blog and Facebook all month long to learn how Autonomie and your purchases affect the lives of the workers who produce them. After all, Fair Trade is all about giving them autonomy.

One hundred years ago, if someone told you they were grabbing a tomato or garlic out of their garden before starting dinner, you wouldn’t bat an eyelash. Fast forward ninety years, where one purchases all their food from supermarkets around the country. But wait, all of the sudden home, community, and urban gardening is all the rage. Call it the economy, call it a return to a simpler times, call it a backlash against artificial foods; basically call it what you want: but it’s happening.

More and more people are discovering the peace and sense of accomplishment that growing your own food provides. With documentaries and articles coming out all the time displaying the dangers of the modern food industry, it is a no brainer. Gardening has not only become hip, it’s necessary, somehow bringing us all back to our early roots of civilization. Books, classes, college programs, and television shows are starting to embrace the idea of self sufficiency and spread the knowledge of growing food. No matter if you have a house, apartment, or land there are resources out there.

With this trend of urban gardening, we at Autonomie are really excited for our new Fair Trade, eco-friendly, and vegan boots.  Perfect for the garden, they are the very first of their kind! The most ethical boot on the market, made with 100% all natural Forest Stewardship Council certified sustainable and fair trade boots.  We think these boots are the perfect ethical pairing for the new gardening movement. Not only are they ethically made, but they are lightweight, which makes tromping through the soil in your garden an easy feet.

Speaking of our ethical boots, keep your eyes peeled on our Twitter page for an upcoming BIG promotion of our green boots!  Follow us and find out how you might get to try out a pair of our Green Gardening Boots soon!

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