I must admit, although I am a fan of movies, my favorite part of the Oscars is watching the red carpet pre-show.  There is nothing quite like the glamourous fashion show that takes place on Oscar night.  Hollywood’s finest make their most important fashion decision of the year, as one wrong step could land you on the terrifying “Worst Dressed” list.  But what if a little more thought, or rather consciousness, was put into their decisions. Step through the door, Livia Firth.

Livia Firth has been working through a partnership with Vogue UK since 2010 to bring green and eco-friendly designs to the red carpet. However, this year the green challenge was expanded to pair top environmentally friendly designers including Stella McCartney, Sarah Burton, and Gucci with A-list actresses to strut green red carpet looks.

So which big names turned the red carpet green on Oscar night? Some of the biggest names in the industry were dressed eco consciously. Including, Best Actress nominee Viola Davis and Best Actress winner Meryl Streep. Also on the list were Livia herself and her husband Colin Firth, Kenneth Branagh and Damian Bichir. Here are our favorite ethical looks:

Well no one can deny Meryl Streep’s dress was gold class. Her stunning gold dress was Lavin’s first custom eco-friendly gown. Made with Eco Certified Gold fabric the gown became a winning look in more than just fashion. Livia Firth was delighted that one of the Green Challenge dresses was worn by the Best Actress winner. We love this look and so glad her eco dress could get some limelight.

But we can’t ignore Livia Firth’s amazing gown. Her red Valentino dress was made entirely out of recycled PET material and was gorgeous. And who can forget her best accessory, her husband actor Colin Firth, who was also sporting eco-friendly treads in his tux. We may be a sucker for red or maybe the fact that Livia Firth is the spearhead behind getting green on the red carpet, but we thought this was Oscar night’s winning look.

We can’t wait to see next year’s green looks and to see which big name actors will be dressing with ethics!