It is now officially September and it is back to the books! By now most universities are back in session or are beginning next week.  As you start your Fall Semester, you may be looking for a way to get involved in your school. Did you know there is a Fair Trade University movement? We knew about Fair Trade Towns (both Boston and San Francisco are one), but Fair Trade Universities are a super exciting new way to spread Fair Trade.

The first Fair Trade University in the US was the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh in 2008. Since then, many campuses are working to make their University a Fair Trade haven. What does it take to become a Fair Trade University? A committee must formed, the school must be selling Fair Trade products, Fair Trade products must be served at internal functions, a Fair Trade Policy must be instated, and a commitment to Fair Trade education. Easy enough, right?

If your University doesn’t have an active committee yet, start one! Fair Trade Towns & Universities site have a lot of great info to helo you get started, including a Student Action Guide and Intro Guide.  Also, if you are near Philadelphia, this year is the very first Fair Trade Towns & Universities National Conference next weekend.  Start this semester off right and get your Fair Trade education on! Good luck.