You hear a loud growl, as your walking down the street in a strange town. At first you are startled, then embarrassed, as you realize that growl was your stomach! The hunger is taking over, but wait.  You are our of town and don’t know where to eat. Because you are vegan, you can not just pop in anywhere and find something healthy or satisfying.  No worries, you pull your smartphone out of your pocket and you are set!

It’s true, we all rely on them, especially when traveling. Just as the early commercials said “there’s an app for that,” and by that we mean everything. Using your smartphone has become all the more convenient if you are a vegan.  Before the advent of constant internet connection, traveling was a huge headache. We can remember times rolling into town far later than grocery stores were open and we were left with iceberg salads and maybe a few soggy french fries. But alas, the vegan world has changed and now everything vegan is right at your fingertips.

For your vegan eating and shopping pleasure we present to you, the Best Vegan Smartphone Apps:

1) Happy Cow: Since we began this blog with restaurant talk, we’ll start our list with our favorite vegan friendly restaurant finder. Happy Cow, a beloved worldwide vegetarian restaurant database, just recently launched their mobile app. It is an easy, streamlined app to find vegan and vegan friendly restaurants all over the world. This is definitely a must for travel across country!

2) Vegan Xpress: Another great app for traveling or late night needs. The mobile app provides a list of menu items safe for vegans to indulge in from major restaurant chains and fast food joints. Gone are the days of picking at your iceberg salad and soggy french fries, with this handy app, you’ll be able to quickly find something tasty at any restaurant.

3) Veggie Passport: One last travel handy app and we promise we’ll move on! This handy app allows you to look up how to say “vegan” and order meals in several different languages. This is ideal when traveling abroad or attempting to communicate with foreign friends! Trust us, we won’t leave home without it on our next overseas adventure!

4) Everyday Vegan: As most of us are, this recipe app is filled with delicious vegan recipes compiled from the Everyday Vegan book! It is on the pricey end of the app world ($6.99), still less expensive with the book and the quality of the recipes are well worth the one time payment.

5) Vegan Recipe Finder: Another great recipe app, with a little cheaper price, but still packs a punch! The app even comes with a meal planner and shopping list (which is perfect for on the go). The other great feature about this app is the pictures. Recipes are so much more appealing with a mouth-watering recipe attached.

6) Cruelty-Free: Because being vegan does not only mean eating from non-animal sources, but it also means abstaining from all cruelty-free items. In walks the Cruelty-Free app, which provides an easy, in depth list of all items officially vegan approved, including toiletries, cleaners, and clothing. Never leave home without this app again! The best part: it’s free!

7) Be Nice to Bunnies: In case Cruelty-Free just isn’t enough info for you, check out PETA’s Be Nice to Bunnies app. Much like the one above, it provides information on many products and whether they are cruelty-free or should be avoided. It also allows you to search by company or product.

8) Vegan Cupcakes: Part of the Vegan with a Vengeance and Post Punk chain, this app based on the book Vegan Cupcakes will Take OVer the World, provides Droid users with over 75 cupcake recipes and delicious frosting to pair them with! Best part, it’s a lot easier to carry to the store than the book.