Possibly the best part of a summer camping trip, is the ooey gooey deliciousness best known as s’mores. It is unclear where the origin of the tasty treat came from, but it first appeared in a Girl Scouts recipe book in the 1920’s under the guise of “Some Mores.”  At some point the name was shortened to save people one second by combining both words. But really, the s’more took America by storm over the last several decades and has become an essential part of any camping trip.

Even though the tasty treat is satisfying is there a way to get more from your s’more? Every summer, Global Exchange runs a fair trade s’more campaign to not only bring awareness to the chocolate industry but urge big players such as Hershy’s to change their ways. The “We Want More From Our S’mores” is trying to register fair trade s’more events over the summer. The whole event began with Memorial Day and will continue until the mark of the end of summer, Labor Day.

Good news for all you campers, there is still a month left to get your fair trade s’more on.  You can check the campaign site to find cookouts in your area, you can plan your own outing, or even host something over your backyard bbq or stove. After completing your project, be sure to document it and register through Global Exchange.  They also have some great resources such as a checklist and flyers.

It is easy enough to find fair trade chocolate. We recommend these companies: Equal Exchange, Alter Eco, and Divine just to name a few.  For an extra environmental impact, you could make your s’mores vegan with some delicious vegan marshmallows!  So enjoy your tasty fair trade summer treats and make a statement to Hershy’s and other conventional chocolate. Tell them: We Want More From Our S’Mores!!!!