One hundred years ago, if someone told you they were grabbing a tomato or garlic out of their garden before starting dinner, you wouldn’t bat an eyelash. Fast forward ninety years, where one purchases all their food from supermarkets around the country. But wait, all of the sudden home, community, and urban gardening is all the rage. Call it the economy, call it a return to a simpler times, call it a backlash against artificial foods; basically call it what you want: but it’s happening.

More and more people are discovering the peace and sense of accomplishment that growing your own food provides. With documentaries and articles coming out all the time displaying the dangers of the modern food industry, it is a no brainer. Gardening has not only become hip, it’s necessary, somehow bringing us all back to our early roots of civilization. Books, classes, college programs, and television shows are starting to embrace the idea of self sufficiency and spread the knowledge of growing food. No matter if you have a house, apartment, or land there are resources out there.

With this trend of urban gardening, we at Autonomie are really excited for our new Fair Trade, eco-friendly, and vegan boots.  Perfect for the garden, they are the very first of their kind! The most ethical boot on the market, made with 100% all natural Forest Stewardship Council certified sustainable and fair trade boots.  We think these boots are the perfect ethical pairing for the new gardening movement. Not only are they ethically made, but they are lightweight, which makes tromping through the soil in your garden an easy feet.

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