Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and as the day approaches, your plans are being made. Whether you have a hot date, spending the night at home, or enjoying the time with your best friends: you will want to have a delicious drink in your hand. As part of our Fair Trade and Organic Cocktails segment we have put together a great love themed or flirty singles drink for the big day. The Flirtini is a great mix of flavors that will impress your date or give you the courage to ask one out! The best part is many of the ingredients can be made fair trade or organic to give it that conscious and eco-friendly punch. Remember to drink responsibly and Happy Valentine’s Day!!


3 ounces organic vodka

1.5 ounces all natural Chambord
Splash of organic lime juice
Splash of all natural sour
Fill a shaker with ice. Add all liquid ingredients above and shake. Strain into martini glass and serve straight up. Garnish with a slice of lime.
For organic vodkas, there are a whole host of choices including Square One and Rain. So far there is only one fair trade vodka on the market: FAIR Spirits!  They also make a fair trade Goji liquor that is a great addition.  As far as Chambord goes, there is only one brand and currently they state that all their ingredients are natural, however, not certified organic. Hopefully that will change soon!  The brand Ripe makes an all natural Sour Cocktail Mix made with organic ingredients such as organic agave. Lastly, organic limes can be found at most grocery stores, co-ops, and natural foods stores.