Countdown to Super Bowl XLV has begun!  The most watched sporting event in the good ol’ USA takes place in only a few days. People around the country will be munching on bite sized treats, knocking back beers, and of course cheering on the Packers or Steelers.  Not only do people party in their own living rooms, but many take the festivities outside to a tailgate party. A couple years ago, we wrote some handy tips to green your Super Bowl party. These tips are great ideas for an indoor party, but what about that great American tradition of tailgating!

1) No Plastic or Glass: Instead of bringing plastic bottled water, bottled beer, or cans of soda look into other options. Bring re-usable jugs of water and possible make juice at home. You can also order a keg rather than packaged adult beverages. Remember organic and/or local breweries are the best way to keep your brewskis green! If these items aren’t possible, make sure you collect your disposables and recycle them!

2) Be a Responsible BBQ-er: The BBQ is an essential part of the tailgate party! When you bring your grill to cook on, be sure you use natural items to grill on such as wood chips or natural charcoal, without excellerants. Also, cook with less meat, use the many organic and vegetarian meat substitutes out there such as veggie tofu pups or vegan burgers. You might also want to make sure your fruits and veggies are local and organic. For more ideas on for vegan recipes, check our backlog.

3) Donate Your Leftovers: Chances are you will over buy all the goodies you plan on munching down during the Super Bowl. If you have leftovers, don’t through them in the trash! Donate your left over food to a local homeless shelter. This will keep it from ending up in a landfill and help those in need.

4) Re-use Everything: Make sure to bring your food items in re-usable containers, bring re-usable dishware and silverware, and try re-using some party decorations. Chances are in that box in the attic you have old party decorations that could be used. Or use some newspaper or scratch paper to make decorations. There’s no sense in purchasing cheap plastic decorations for a few hours, only to discard them in a landfill after.

5) Carpool or Bike: Ok so tailgating in multiple cars is the opposite of being green. We have come up with this helpful idea to carpool with your buddies to the lot. This will decrease your carbon footprint for the day and go easy on your wallet. Why not take it one step further and nix the car all together. Pack up your messenger or saddle bags with your necessities and have a bike-tailgate party instead!