Kids around the country are just putting together their Christmas lists and behaving on their best behavior. As you read through their wants you see countless plastic toys, maybe an Iron Man or a Barbie, but where and how are these made? Unfortunately many children’s toys are made with conventional plastics and in questionable factories in countries where labor standards are low.  However, explaining to the children in your life, they can not have certain toys due to ethical standards can be pretty tough and complicated. Why not set a great example early on and purchase them ethically minded toys! The name brands may use poor standards but you can still buy some awesome gifts that your mini greenies will love!

We put together the following list to give you some great ideas, however there are tons of ethical children’s toys on the market!

Fair Trade Kites: Every kid loves to fly kites, no matter what there age. Luckily you can definitely find ethical kites. There are a number of Fair Trade certified kites out on the market. These come in great shapes for a variety of tastes such as butterflies, dragons, and beautiful feathered birds. These make terrific gifts and can be enjoyed all year round.

Recycled Fire Truck from Green Toys

Green Toys: You may have heard of this terrific brand: Green Toys.  All their toys are made in California (a state known for strict toy safety and environmental laws) and are made of recycled plastic milk cartons. All their production from milk carton collection, recycling, and toy production is done locally. Not only are their standards high but their products are terrific! They have construction trucks, jump ropes, tea sets, tool sets, and gardening tools. They also make a great line of dishware for children in great attractive colors.

Fair Trade Musical Instruments: Maybe your little one is trying to be the next John Lennon and you want to encourage their development! Luckily there are a number of fair trade instruments for purchase from around the world. You can find flutes from India, drums and maracas from Peru, and more flutes from Bolivia. What a great way to encourage your child’s musical instruments and their ethical development.

All Natural Paints: If your child is more of a Picasso than a Lennon, check out this great eco-friendly and sustainable paint! Glob it On makes all their paints totally safe and eco-friendly. They are made with natural ingredients such as plants, vegetables, spices, and flowers. They still come in great kid-friendly colors such as red, orange, blue, and of course green!

We hope these ideas will help you give your children a bit of ethical spirit to go with their Christmas one! If you didn’t see anything on this list, you can always check these great sites for ideas World of Good, eConscious Market, Fair Trade Marketplace, and Global Exchange.  And of course, don’t forget about our lovely line of baby and children’s clothing and shoes!