It’s that exciting time of the year again! Here’s just a quick list (part one of our holiday series) of some of pretty cool green gifts I’ve found for different types of friends. Check back regularly for more holiday eco-friendly ideas!

For the workaholic friend:
We all have that one friend who is constantly busy. To make 2011 a little less stressful for them, I recommend these colorful and yearly planners from Ecosystem! All of their planners and notebooks are made in the U.S., with each component (binding, finishing, stitching, etc.) all well researched and done in the most environmentally friendly way. These spacious and vibrant planners will certainly brighten any workaholic’s schedule.

Another great item I enjoy giving my busybody friends are soothing bath products! Unique items likeLush’s bath bombs really remind them to take a break and just indulge in something that’s not work. I really recommend two of their vegan bath bombs—Big Blue and Sex Bomb. They leave you smelling amazing, feeling soft and moisturized, and re-energized to hit the next pile of work!

For the active friend:

These KOR water bottles are not only (very) attractive and fun, but functional as well! This water bottle only requires one hand to open it, so it’s perfect for friends that bike and other active hobbies. In addition to KOR’s 1% for the Planet Pledge, they’re taking it a bit further with their Thirst for Giving program. $5 of each purchase of the KOR ONE Special Edition Vessel water bottle goes to four non-profits that focus on water-related issues.



For the college friend:

Currently as an undergrad living in a dorm, I see a lot of students using disposable plates and utensils. It’s really hard not to be tempted to use them as opposed to heavy ceramic bowls and plates that have to be washed later. I wish someone had suggested Bambu to me, because they’re incredibly light and stylish! All of Bambu’s plates, serve-ware, and utensils are 100% vegan, using materials like coconut shells and of course—sustainable and renewable bamboo! Their products are stylish, colorful, fair trade, and most importantly for us college students, durable!

This list just goes to show how easy it is to find a green alternative to every gift. Gift giving doesn’t have to mean making ethical compromises in order to find the perfect gift. I believe the holiday season isn’t just a time to celebrate and give presents, but also an opportunity to share knowledge and passion for eco-living. Check back with us soon for more great gifts!

-Michelle Thai