October is Fair Trade Month and Autonomie Project is celebrating in number of ways! Our Little Green RadicalsTM collection is in the process of becoming certified through Fair Trade USA’s apparel certification. Our workers have had training in Fair Trade ethics and are just awaiting the factory audit. We are really excited about this process! In honor of the month long celebration all our Little Green RadicalsTM children’s clothing is on sale for 15% off! You can also enter to win a free Fair Trade and organic bib by following Fair Trade USA on Twitter.  Lastly, a blog Gina wrote for Fair Trade USA has been published on their blog discussing how to spread the movement of Fair Trade beyond Fair Trade Month. It is re-posted below. Thanks for celebrating Fair Trade Month with us!

Real Family Values: Raising Your Family on Fair Trade

As cliché as it is, children are our future. There is no denying it. What we teach our children now will directly affect the future world. Living by example and showing our children positive family values is crucial to our society. For us, and for fellow conscious consumers, that includes Fair Trade. When it comes to family values many people would not immediately think of Fair Trade, but the truth is that educating our youth on ethics is absolutely essential for instilling in future generations the knowledge and values to create the change we all hope to seek in the world.

As part of the Autonomie Project, a Fair Trade, Eco-friendly, and Vegan fashion and footwear company, we are very aware of the impact our choices have on the world. As conscious consumers ourselves, we were frustrated by the lack of ethical options that were still friendly to our wallets. So we created the Autonomie Project, where our code of ethics puts people, the planet, and the animals above all else. As a company, these three criteria are vital for how we source our products.

20090919_00-41-38We created our company in hopes to provide these easy, sustainable choices to the market while harnessing the power of business and commerce to support disadvantaged producers that typically lack access to the global marketplace. We currently sell an extensive line of Fair Trade & organic baby and children’s clothing, called Little Green RadicalsTM, including shirts, sweatshirts, bibs, and dresses. Dressing your child from head to foot in Fair Trade clothing is a way to make an impact on the communities in which the garments were produced, as well as educate your child on how the impact of their choices can be felt by people all over the world.

Our children’s clothing is produced in a non-profit rehabilitation center in India, where a workforce that is normally dismissed from society is readily employed. The largely female worker population receives a fair wage and benefits, such as room, board and healthcare, which provides stability for these workers and their families to help effectively raise their community out of poverty. By purchasing Fair Trade products for our children, we not only s


upporting this positive ripple effect on these communities, but we are setting a clear model for our future generations to follow and grow. Together we can raise and inspire a new generation who thinks beyond themselves and beyond our borders towards making our world a better place for all.

We find it absolutely essential that the ideals and goals of Fair Trade, sustainability and social justice are passed on to future generations. With a sizeable assortment of Fair Trade items currently on the market, from rice and coffee to clothing and sports balls, it is easier than ever to make ethical purchases that have a positive impact on our earth. Making these smart choices as conscious customers provides a model for our children. It may seem like buying one Fair Trade t-shirt is a minor thing, but setting these examples for your children early in their life makes a huge impression. We need to pass on positive and ethical ideas and choices so that the next generation can create better, more meaningful products and make even better decisions than our own.

-Gina Williams and Team AP