She gave birth to you and like most Americans, you want to show her your appreciation for all her love and affection. Yet many of the traditional gifts for Mother’s Day are not sustainable for our main Mother, Earth. As with most holidays and products, this does not have to be the case! There are ethical alternatives to gifts for your lovely Mom and we have gathered a quick list of ideas. Be sure your Mother’s Day thanks both your Mom and the Earth! And if your Mom is anything like mine, she will love the extra effort! Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies of the world.

1) Flowers that Matter: You can ask almost any florist shop, Mother’s Day is one of their busiest holidays. The problem is many flowers are grown by conventional means and on large plantations. However, there are ethical flowers out there. There are Fair Trade Certified Roses available at Whole Foods and various locations. Also, check out the site Organic Style, they offer all organic flower delivery, as well as Fair Trade roses and California Grown flowers. All their packaging, gift cards, and even shipping methods are recycled or eco-friendly. They also have a wonderful program called Flowers For Good, where a portion of your order will be donated to various organizations ranging from Green America to Breast Cancer Fund and even the Humane Society!

2) Feel Good Chocolates: If your Mom is more of a sweet tooth, think about getting some delicious and socially conscious Fair Trade and Organic chocolates. Luckily you have a lot of great options out there. Coco Zen makes a great line of Fair Trade truffles that even come in a reusable Tiffin (a tin used as a lunch box in India). They have vegan varieties and also have a line of chocolate inspired eco- friendly bath items, as well as some adorable gift sets! If you are looking for something in the vegan world look no further than Sjaak’s! Their assortments are not only animal free, they are organic and Fair Trade certified. And if you want something a little fancier, check out Sweet Earth Chocolates. Their handcrafted gourmet turtles and truffles are organic and Fair Trade and can be made vegan!

3) Long Lasting Gifts: Even though chocolates and flowers make exceptional gifts for your Mom, you may want something that lasts a little longer. There are plenty of Eco-friendly and Fair Trade gifts that will delight your Mother. Global Exchange’s online store has a number of great Fair Trade gifts ranging from jewelery to pottery and even belts! World of Good has put together a Fair Trade Mother’s Day Gift Guide with hundreds of great ethical gift suggestions. If your Mother is more of the spiritual or fitness type, you may want to check out Gaiam. They have a line of eco-friendly yoga mats as well as Fair Trade gifts for your spirit. Also, if you are looking specifically for Earth friendly gifts EConscious Market is another helpful gift site! Running low on time? Find a local Fair Trade store or see if there is a Ten Thousand Villages in your area.

4) Alternative Greeting Cards: Although gift cards can be beautiful and send a sweet message, many of them wind up in landfills or hopefully the recycle bin. This year think about skipping the card all together! If you are giving a gift, let it stand for itself. Maybe you live far from Mom and need to send her something, this year try sending an E-Card. There are hundreds of Free E Card companies out there.  If you feel you must give a card think about making a postcard on the back of a nice photo, your Mom will not likely toss a beauty like you! Also, you can make your own paper out of junk mail and turn it into a beautiful card. If you really are not the crafty type, there are a few eco-friendly card companies out there including Eco-Expressions. You can find several brands of eco-friendly greeting cards on Pristine Planet’s site.

5) Homemade Treats: Maybe you are a little low on funds or you just want to make a homemade gift for Mother’s Day. Making your Mom an organic and/or vegan dinner or just dessert usually goes well in my experience. Most Moms love to be pampered and could use some tasty organic treats. Our blog has a backlog of delicious vegan and some organic recipes for main dishes as well as desserts. You can also, look to a few great recipe sites such as Choose Veg, Vegan Dad, and Fresh Organic Recipes. There is no doubt a home cooked meal or dessert will warm your Mother’s heart, so put your apron on and start cooking!

6) Donate in Her Name: A great gift that both your Mother and your conscious will appreciate is a donation in her name. There are literally thousands of organizations to donate to, so pick one dear to your Mother’s heart or choose an environmentally friendly organization. If you are not sure which to choose, check out the site Changing the Present, which allows you to choose from hundreds of non profits and send the donations as gifts.