Yes it is that time again where the celebrities and film community come together to award the best films of the year. Everyone is a buzz over the highest grossing film Avatar and the Indie darling the Hurt Locker. But what about the documentary section? Often this field is overlooked unless a high profile producer/director is on the ticket ala An Inconvenient Truth or Fahrenheit 911.  However, with this year’s nominees we are hoping the field gains more notoriety and possibly could make an impact on the ever growing Green Movement.

We were overjoyed to hear that two great films (both trailers are below) dealing with environmental subjects were among the nods. Food, Inc which has gained much popularity in the mainstream and Art House Theaters covers the frightening and eye opening subject of our current American food industry. Many label this as a “Must See” and it even earned a recommendation from Oprah, and you know how her word can cause ripples throughout the land. Oprah radar status or not, this film is an incredibly powerful look at our nation’s food industry and could possibly rival the impact of Sinclair’s  Jungle.

Of the Oscars Green nominations, another eco-friendly film was included in the Documentary section, although nowhere near as popular as Food, Inc.  The film, The Cove, exposes the illegal practice and cover-up of the slaughter and sale of dolphin meat in Japan. The dolphin meat contains outrageous levels of mercury and is misleadingly labeled as whale meat. It’s astonishing expose brings to light inhumane as well as environmentally damaging practices occurring currently. Another great must see Green film!

This Sunday as you share drinks and bet on the winners, let’s hope either of these Green Oscar nods gains a trophy. Even if neither wins, at least their nominations will bring more attention to these films and hopefully educate more people on the harmful and disgusting practices that still exist in our food industry around the world. Enjoy your Oscar parties and remember to serve organic and healthy snacks and of course reuse and recycle your party waste!