The terrific campaign of Fair Trade the White House is bringing a new challenge to North America: the Fair Trade My Home campaign! We are asking all of you to declare your house a Fair Trade Home by May 8th, 2010: World Fair Trade Day.  You may be wondering, what exactly is a Fair Trade Home? According to the campaign a Fair Trade Home is defined by: ” A home that is committed to the purchase and use of fair trade goods…” So if you purchase and use items such as Fair Trade coffee, tea, rice, sports balls, or clothing you could certainly qualify! Or if you are looking for ways to bring more Fair Trade items into your world, now is the time to make the commitment!

The campaign is asking followers to post photos and video of themselves partaking in Fair Trade items/activities on the Fair Trade My Home Facebook site! So begin today, by making the pledge, purchasing Fair Trade, and posting your commitments on the Fair Trade My Home site! At AP we are very excited about this new campaign and have already committed ourselves to the Fair Trade My Home campaign. For ideas on how to make your life and home more fairly traded take a look at our article from earlier this year: Begin the New Year with a Dash of Fair Trade or search Transfair’s Where to Buy Fair Trade Certified.

So please, in honor of 2010 Fair Trade Day, make your pledge Fair Trade My Home today!!