One of the best  things about the holidays is the cocktails! As you fill your days with shopping and wrapping gifts, its nice to warm up with a winter treat of nog, with a splash of rum of course. Or as you attend the many Christmas parties, be sure to relax and enjoy some holiday cheer. No we don’t condone gratuitous binge drinking or anything, we just wan you to have the best of times this holiday season. So we have begun a new series, just in time for a new year. Many of you might know that most of our AP team is on double duty and our lovely Anne is a superb bartender by night. She has put together some sumptuous holiday cocktail recipes for you to enjoy. These cocktails and our series have a bit of a twist, and I don’t mean lemon or lime, most the ingredients are either Fair Trade and/or Organic: including the booze! Our first installment includes a delicious and satisfying Apple Snowflake Martini. Most of the ingredients, besides the apple schnapps can be found Fair Trade and organic, yes that includes the vodka!


1 oz vodka

1 oz sour apple schnapps

1 oz apple juice

Sugared apple slice for garnish

Pour vodka, schnapps, and juice over a handful of ice in a cocktail shaker.  Shake until very cold, then strain into a chilled tall glass.  Place apple slice in glass for garnish.  You can also serve this in a martini glass with the apple slice on the rim or floating on top of the drink.

Now to make the ingredients as ethical as possible!

Organic-Fair Trade Vodka: There are a couple of different organic vodkas on the market. Take a peak at 360 Vodka, the very first eco-friendly vodka, check out there waste free philosophy. If you can not locate this brand or are looking for something a tad different, try Crop Vodka. Crop Vodka is also a very smooth and organic spirit. Lastly, check out Square One Vodka, another great and organic certified vodka. If you are looking to go the Fair Trade route check into Fair, the world’s first Fair Trade vodka, although its hard to find in the US currently.

Organic-Fair Trade Apple Juice: Organic apple juice is easy to find in almost any store now. Most major brands produce an organic version of their old recipe including Mott’s and RW Knudson. However, if you are looking to support a smaller all organic juice company check out Lakewood Organic Apple Juice or Eden Organic. There are many Fair Trade juice companies that produce Fair Trade apple juice, however many are not sold in the US, quite yet.

Organic-Fair Trade Apples: You should be able to locate organic apples fairly easily at any market or Co-op near you. Just look for the USDA certified organic label. If you are searching for Fair Trade apples, check out these provided by Interrupcion,  these babies are both Organic and Fair Trade!