Treasuremytext for iPhone: SpringBoard Photo By katielipsTechnology has brought many notable changes to the way we live modern life. The personal computer, cell phones, surgeries performed by robots….all of these pale in comparison of the evolution of the abbreviation “app”. Once upon a time an app’ was a fun way to describe a pre-meal whistle wetter, often times used in the sentence with the name your favorite chain restaurant and the words “fresh margs”, example; “Let’s go down to the local T.G.I AppleBottoms and order some delicious apps and fresh margs, I hear their flowering onion is to die for!”

Fast forward to the future, aka right now, with the advent of iPhones, the abbreviation app has become ubiquitous with the word application. As in “there’s an app for that”, as in, really, do you have an app featuring chronological photographic history of the great thespian Corey 

Feldman? (Hint, hint…magical makers of iPhone apps, give the public what it wants!)

iPhone app organization Photo By Mat Honan

These iPhone apps may not be battered and deep fried, but they are just as desirable. While the CoreyNow app is just in the dream stages, countless other applications are available for iPhones. They rank anywhere from useful to pointless fun. On the more useful end of things, numerous Green Apps currently exist and seem to be multiplying with every passing month. Below are just a few examples of iPhone’s socially conscious side, the tip of the electronic iceberg, if you will. But there are many more out there!

Go Green: This free application gives users a helpful tip for living green each time it is opened. Each tip accumulates into a handy, running tip list, making it a great tool for both newly minted environmentalists and green living devotees, alike.

FindGreen: Helping you locate thousands of green and sustainable businesses throughout the United States and Canada, FindGreen is an outstanding iPhone application. Locating where you are through the magic of computer technology – some type of ritual in the woods, involving sacrifices and fire, I’d imagine- FindGreen gives you step by step directions to nearby green businesses that are approved through a thorough evaluation process at When you are done paying patronage to these lovely businesses, feel free to get your Roger Ebert on and submit your own business review to FindGreen. Two thumbs way up for this free application!

Irecycle: This application does exactly what its name would lead you to believe it does; it finds nearby recycling locations for its users. With access and directions to over 110,000 recycling locations, this completely free application will make the excuse of not knowing where to recycle something of the past. Thank you magical internet devices, you are so mighty and wise, please accept my sacrifice of a gaggle of empty, recyclable cans.

GreenCard: No, this free application does not bestow upon its users residency in the good ‘ol U.S of A, but what it does do is change the way its users exchanges business cards. Allowing you to create and exchange business cards digitally, this application eliminates the need for paper waste, it also notifies your contacts to any modifications to your personal card immediately. I am sure both trees and your wallet alike will thank you for sparing them the suffering of producing/ holding archaic printed business cards.

VeganSteven: For all you tech-loving vegans, this app, complete with its own adorable carrot mascot, gives you environmentally friendly walking and biking directions to all your local vegan eateries. The GPS in your phone will locate the closest vegan or vegan friendly restaurants no matter where you are traveling to or in your hometown! Vegan Steven may not be Corey Feldman, but he does have a certain charm to him, plus he has a job, so plus one for the carrot. (Burn on Feldman, sorry buddy!)

While calorie rich-apps are quickly becoming a thing of the past, I take comfort in knowing that this abbreviation lives on for a much more noble cause; advancing our lives through the almighty magic of technology.

Remember to live green and to keep your iPhones happy through frequent human sacrifices…hmmm, I mean, frequent charges of their batteries.