Always on the hunt for tastey Vegan snacks, and a yogurt lover, I decided to stop by my local natural foods co-op today and look into my options.  Usually going for the soy-based yogurts, I thought it a good idea to branch out and see what other yogurt makers had as an alternative to my norm.  I happened upon the cultured coconut milk by So Delicious, Ricera’s rice yogurt and finally the Soyogurt from Wildwood Organics (intended to be used as a basis for comparison).  Could any one of them be better than the others?

Before purchasing, I begin by picking up each yogurt cup to go over the information provided on the label.  All three are Vegan (the So Delicious having been certified and the Soyogurt boasting it being the only one made in a non-dairy plant) and they all contain live, probiotic cultures.  Each has its own slightly different laundry list of ingredients; all use easily digestible sugars and many of the contents are organicNutritionally speaking, the Soyogurt takes it; more vitamins included, the highest fiber and protein amounts at 5 grams and 7 grams respectively.  The Ricera’s calcium content matches the Soyogurt at 20%, although the So Delicious includes vitamin B12 at a whopping 30% daily value, great news for a Vegan as it is a harder naturally-occurring nutrient to come by.

I then commence with an habitual, vigorous shaking of all three cups in succession.  My intention is to get the contents as homogeneously non-chunky as possible to avoid stirring, but upon opening each, I find them all to be perfectly smooth, most likely meaning that shaking was unnecessary to begin with.  But shaking them makes an awesome sloshy sound.  The Soyogurt looks the most like dairy yogurt, lighter in color and the same kind of consistency.  The Ricera’s consistency is remarkably similar to cake batter and the So Delicious is a deeper purple and the runniest.

And now, the spoon.  I begin with the Soyogurt since soy-based yogurts are my standard; I figure it will set a good foundation for taste comparison.  That familiar, slightly sweet blueberry/soy taste, not much different from other major soy-yogurt brands.  Maybe some more blueberry pieces than usual.  Generally tasty.  Moving on to the Ricera, the taste is reflected a bit in the consistency.  Even though the blueberry flavor has a nice sweet-sour thing happening, it is also somewhat chalky and doesn’t slide down as easily. But being made with organic brown rice, it has 12 grams of whole grain to offer, something you wouldn’t think to get in a fruity snack.  It strikes me as a great ingredient for something, like a smoothie or a fruit tart.  Finally, I try the cultured coconut milk, the one I was most excited about since it was my first time having it.  The flavor mix between the blueberry and coconut is interesting and subtle; a mellow berry tang followed by a surprisingly calm sweetness from the coconut milk, which can often be an overpowering flavor elsewhere.  But even though I’m a huge fan of coconut milk in general, the final flavor impression of the So Delicious catered to a specific side of my palette.  It tastes great but, with its kind of sweetness, perhaps only at the right time.

After all this comparison, which makes the better treat? In the end, my comparison of these Vegan yogurts left none of the three ahead of the others. They were all enjoyable, generally healthy for different reasons and each struck me as having its own time and place to be eaten. Are all Vegan yogurts created equal?  Final answer: yeah, why not? But you don’t have to take my word for it (RIP Reading Rainbow).