'International Hug a Vegetarian' Day Friday, September 25, 2009

We all know Vegetarians and Vegans alike make better lovers but do they also make better huggers? Well folks now is your chance to find out! Tomorrow, September 25th is International Hug a Vegetarian (or Vegan) Day! PETA2 promotes hugging everyone you know who has made the committment to a cruelty free lifestyle. In fact, tens

Carnival Love Photo By Ellen Munroof thousands of veggie lovers all over the world will participate in this year’s fun holiday!

Before you go hugging everyone in the streets, be sure to sign the pledge to hug some vegetarians tomorrow on PETA2’s site. Also, we all know how international and connected this world has become, so if your beloved vegetarian lives miles away from you, be sure to send an E-Hug their way. 

Go out tomorrow and show some love to your cruelty free friends, family, and neighbors! Be sure to snap a picture and post on the Hug A Vegetarian Day Flikr account! Here’s hoping tomorrow will be filled with veggie love and appreciation. I sure know I will be keeping my fingers crossed for some hugs.

'International Hug a Vegetarian' Day Friday, September 25, 2009