Unwinding at the end of the day with a refreshing cocktail is a common practice for adults world wide. Now, thanks to the introduction of a new Fair Trade Vodka , the aptly named Fair Vodka, people can indulge their inner booze hound (responsibly, of course) without suffering any Green Guilt (symptoms of GG include: retrieving recyclables from garbage cans that do not belong to you, lecturing your family pet on the importance of water conservation, and an undeniable air of sexiness…yeah, i am talking to you, good looking!). This is the very first Fair Trade vodka on the market and is now available on their website, some bars, and very high end liquor stores. 

Cocktail on Flikr Photo By diongillardThis vodka boasts more street cred than just its Fair Trade label, with French well water being distilled five times through a Cognac copper pot in the awesomely named region of “Spirits Valley,” France, Fair’s meticulous production rivals the classiest and most respected of top shelf spirits. In addition to preparation prowess, this Fair Trade Certified Vodka has already received much deserved accolades becoming the winner of the Best Unflavored Vodka 2009 in New York this past June, despite of its newbie status.

Fair Vodka’s own website explains their venture asa smart balance between consuming and sharing, which is evidenced not only in their use of quinoa from fairly compensated Bolivian farmers in this elixir’s production, but also in its dedication to sustainability, with plans already in the work to make the entirety of its packaging from recycled material. It also seems they may have more Fair Trade alcohols in the works, as the website is named fairtradespririts.com as oppose to just vodka! So hopefully we will see more and more Fair Trade certified spirits in the coming years. 

Cheers Bing Photo By WebRanking Pictures' So pull up a stool and have your friendly bar keep set up a round of your favorite Fair Trade cocktails! Be sure to tip and remember to raise your glass in a toast to sustainability, fair trade practices and a delicious vodka that you can feel good about drinking….even if your pounding head disagrees the next morning.

Cheers, my green minded pals: this is drinking in the 21st century!