That’s right, we all want to save the world. But is it possible to satisfy your need for fun, while doing something positive?! Why of course it is! In fact there are a number of different ways you can satisfy your itch to do something great in this world, while still creating a fun filled time for you! There are so many causes and struggles to work for that finding something to focus on can be daunting. However, when choosing what you should put your effort towards, why not find something you will enjoy? I mean, they always say there is no act that isn’t selfish. So indulge yourself a little, and why not? You obviously have a conscious to save the world, live a little while you are doing it! Below we have included a few ideas and examples for you:

1) Marathons and Races: A great way to get involved is to volunteer or be sponsored in a race. There are a number of great causes you could help while toning up your body. One great example is the Action Against Hunger Race Against Hunger. Another great marathon to get involved with is the Race for the Cure, done all over the US and world to bring awareness about Breast Cancer. Recently, some friends of ours, who we met through our work with Fair Trade Boston are getting involved in the Great Urban Race in New York City. This part race, part scavenger hunt is partnered with the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation. Jeff and Jessica are very excited about the race and are a great inspiration for others to get involved. Here is a little bit of information on their efforts:

Hi, we’re Jeff and Jessica, siblings who’ve got our heads on crooked according to conventional wisdom. In between watching the Amazing Race, traveling, our normal jobs and school, we strive to fight global poverty. While Jeff recently completed his MBA in marketing and volunteers with the Boston Faith & Justice Network, campaigning for Fair Trade, Jessica has traversed the globe volunteering in places such as Thailand, Bulgaria, and Jamaica and is starting her MPH in Global Health at George Washington University this fall, hoping to specialize in nutrition and hunger. We ran the Great Urban Race in Boston earlier this year, and we had so much fun that we decided to do it all over again in NYC – this time for a worthy cause.

We invite you to be a part of the good work we are doing. Throughout the day we will be interacting with the public at large, decked out in Autonomie Project apparel. The New York race will take us to the Upper West Side, TriBeCa, and Midtown. We will be shooting tons of photographs and meeting all kinds of interesting people along the way. We’ll also complete challenges and share why we believe it is time for Americans to consider changing the way we consume. Please follow us on Twitter (@jeffandjessica) to track our progress, help us with clues, and view live pictures from the New York City leg of the Great Urban Race.Partnering with Autonomie Project just makes sense. Like us, they’re committed to seeing the eradication of global poverty. Like us, they want fair wages and environmentally- safe products. Like us, they want to save the world – and have fun doing it.”

2) Cocktail Parties: What a better way to do something great for the world, then to have a few drinks? There are many a cocktail party you can attend to not only get your drink on but help bring change to our world. A great example is the Women’s Safe House Cocktail Party in St Louis, where guests are asked to bring items to be donated to the women’s and children’s shelter such as clothing school supplies  while having cocktails on the plaza.  Another terrific example is the Cat’s Alive! Cocktail Party in Cranston, RI. This event is a cocktail party and silent auction to raise money for the PawsWatch Feral Cat Shelter in Cranston, all proceeds will be used for veterinary care, food, and shelter for their cats. And on the pet note, if you want to help out animal shelters but aren’t in the drinking mood, why not take your dog for the drink instead? Yes, you read that right, the Animal Rescue League of Boston is hosting a K-9 and Cocktails party where dogs can come and satiate their desire to have a human style drink. They will be offering cocktails such as the Beeftini, the Veggie Mary, and the Tail Wagger. And of course all proceeds will benefit the Animal Rescue League. Finally if you want to learn a little while you throw back that drink, check out an event such as the Shea Yaleen International Cocktail Party with a Purpose hosted in Washington DC. Shea Yaleen International is a Fair Trade Shae Butter producer who works with assisting the creation of cooperatives, business training, and brings products to the US. Their cocktail party is meant to bring awareness and educate people about Fair Trade and fair business practices. To find events in your area check out Charity Happenings.

3) Alternative Shopping: Perhaps the easiest way to do good for the world while still enjoying yourself is to use your money in a positive way. Consumers have so much power in what they choose to buy and your dollar can make a real difference in the world. By solely shopping at companies that are Fair Trade, Eco-Friendly, and Vegan you can make a huge impact. You can not only demand socially and environmentally conscious products, but you can help benefit the people who make your products and the environment they come from. Luckily Fair Trade and Green items are on the rise. In fact its pretty easy to find most products using fair practices. For some great ideas check out the Fair Trade Federation or Green America’s Green Pages. Also, some great websites to shop on include yours truly Autonomie Project, Global ExchangeE-Conscious Market, World of Good, and Pangea just to name a few! So next time you want to satisfy your consumer craving, make sure you do it with your conscious in mind. Your buying power is stronger than you think!