Fair Trade the White HouseSeveral months ago we reported on an earlier idea to bring Fair Trade to the White House. Well now there is a legitimate and growing non partisan, non profit organization that is rallying to make the White House truly Fair Trade. Fair Trade companies, other non profits, individuals, and consumers who have banded together to try and promote true progress to our new Presidential family. The Fair Trade the White House Campaign hopes to especially introduce Michelle Obama to the idea of Fair Trade. On top of that we are all wishing she would implement Fair Trade practices at the White House. This would lead to exceptional changes, as many mainstream Americans would get a chance to not only hear the words Fair Trade but be introduced to the idea. 

white house Photo By dcJohnThere are plenty of companies that have banded together in their support for this cause, including Autonomie Project. We are very happy and inspired to be involved! You can check out all the supporting companies and retail shops as well as individuals and other non profits who are backing the movement. One way to show your support is to use your purchasing power at any of the vendors and retail outlets listed above. Fair Trade the White House!The campaign even offers coupons to some of these great companies including Fair Trade Sports and Global Fayre. But you can also get directly involved by adding your signature to the personal invite addressed to Michelle Obama, urging her to declare the White House Fair Trade. And if you are feeling up to being a street team member or just want to hang a poster declaring your support, they have some great materials to print off and distribute. 

This is a HUGE opportunity for the Fair Trade movement and we are positive this can happen! Think of all the attention Fair Trade would receive if the First Lady decided to switch over the White House to Fair Trade. So please if you have a few moments, check out the Fair Trade the White House campaign and help promote the movement!