Somewhere in Delaware…

We have now safely arrived back in Boston but boy did we have a blast! Anne and I (Gina) packed our bags and drove straight down to Richmond, VA (it took nearly 10 hours).  As soon as we were there, we had a chance to go out on the town! We stumbled upon a great Vegetarian restaurant and local bar and then found our way to a bar with a live reggae band. It was a terrific way to really feel out the city and get to know the locals. I must say, we really dig Richmond.

AP Booth @ Richmond Veg Fest!

After a night on the town, we awoke to get ready for Richmond Vegetarian Festival. We set out to conquer the festival at the hour of 9am! The festival was held at the beautiful Bryan Park, which had this Southern feel with a huge white caretaker’s house  and rolling green fields. I was incredibly  impressed with the helpful, laid back feel of the festival. After setting up our booth we finally relaxed and soaked in the 96 degree sun!

Vegan Funnel Cake

Vegan Funnel Cake

The festival was filled with great music and fantastic people and of course terrific vegan food. We experienced VEGAN FUNNEL cake with strawberries! I don’t think I have had funnel cake since I was a child. It was absolutely satisfying….espeically after a night on the town. For lunch we were excited to experience all the wonderful vegan food surrounding us. It was SO hard to choose…and we ended up on avocado sushi, Pizza Fusion vegan cheese slices, and vegan Southern BBQ! We definitely enjoyed the treats.



But beyond all the delicious food we enjoyed the people we met there. Everyone seemed really excited to experience the festival and all our products, including our new T Shirts. Check back soon to the site where they will be available. You will definitely want to check them out, especially if you love bikes!

Although sad to leave Richmond behind, we headed out to Monticello to enjoy Thomas Jefferson’s compound (we are at heart history nerds) and  then off to New York! What a wonderful weekend. 🙂