In our first installation of  product battles, we are bringing you a fight fit for the summer weather and BBQ diet! Memorial day and grilling season is fast approaching and for us vegans out there, there are many options! In fact, for a full guide to vegan and green BBQs check out our earlier posts.   All these options can create one huge ball of confusion on what to serve for your guests.  This is where AP steps in and gives you are very first product battle!  In one corner, hailing from Massachusetts we have Lightlife Tofu Pups and in the other corner representing Oregon, we have Tofurkey Beer Brats! Now both these products make terrific substitutes for hot dogs or sausages but how do they compare? Let’s find out!



1) Price: Tofu Pups usually range from $2.99 to $4.00 depending on the store. However, they tend to go on sale in the major markets.  The Beer Brats are a bit more pricey. They usually run $4.99 or up. I can rarely find them for under$5!  1 Point for Tofu Pups!

2) Company: Lightlife was bought out by major food producer ConAgra foods and is no longer a small company. However, they give back to such groups as Habitat for Humanity, Food Bank of Western New England, and many more! While, Turtle Island Foods has a wonderful little creation story and is still family/friend owned and operated since 1980. 1 Point for Beer Brats!

3) Nutrition: Tofu Pups are the much healthier choice, containing only 60 Calories and 2.5g of Fat in each pup, while the Beer Brats are much higher in Calories and fat. In fact there are 280 Calories and 16g of Fat in each brat. Both contain plenty of sodium 300mg for the pups and 650mg for the brats. Both also contain some organic ingredients and no MSG. But due to the drastic difference in calories, we have to give this one to the Pups! 1 Point for the Tofu Pups!

4) Cook-ability: When put on the grill, the little pups cook really fast and tend to get chewy on the outside and remain soft on the inside. They also sometimes stick to the grill!  The beer brats tend to hold up on the grill and even get those beautiful lines when grilled to perfection.  And they have that sizzle just like a regular sausage without sticking or becoming chewy! 1 Point for Beer Brats!!

5) Taste: The Tofu Pups have a great traditional hot dog taste that will leave that all American ballpark  aftertaste. Despite the chewiness, they can hold up next to a regular packaged hot dog.  However, if you are looking for something with a bolder more satisfying flavor, turn to the brats! The sausage spices coupled with a hint of Full Sail Ale make for an explosion of flavor! They also go great with a summer beer! 1 Point for the Beer Brats!!

TOTALS:     2  Points  for Tofu Pups and 3 Points for Beer Brats

And the winner is…………………….Tofurkey Beer Brats!!! But really both products are great and the Tofu Pups are a perfect subsititute for the traditional hot dog, while the beer brats give off that unique and different taste. But if we had to choose we would go with the Tofurkey Beer Brat, as they grill perfectly! You can find either product at most grocery stores, Whole Foods Markets, local Co-ops, and natural food stores. So get your grill on and find out for yourself which is better!