That’s right today, Saturday May 9th is World Fair Trade Day! And you ask yourself, what is World Fair Trade Day? World Fair Trade Day is celebrated on the second saturday of every May and is supported by the World Fair Trade Organization. This day is meant to commemorate the Fair Trade movements around the world, celebrate the workers of the world, and bring awareness about Fair Trade in general. This is a day to learn about economic and environmental stability. Learn how important it is to use fair labor practices, fair economic transactions, and of course treating the Earth as fair as possible. 

The first World Fair Trade Day was held in 2002 and this year’s theme is BIG BANG!! Beat poverty Beat climate change Beat financial crisis. This year is likely to be the largest one to date, with 55,000 expected to turn out and Paul McCartney endorsing the day. There are thousands of events worldwide in order to spread the Fair Trade word. To find events in your area, do a quick search on the World Fair Trade Day Organization website. And if you are in the New York area, don’t forget to stop by the World Fair Trade Day street fair, where yours truly is a vendor!

But please keep in mind that Fair Trade should be celebrated every day of the year. To learn more about what fair trade is, check out these helpful sites: Transfair, Fair Labeling Organization, and  the Fair Trade Federation. Also, remember there are now tons of products that are offered Fair Trade, its not just coffee, tea, and chocolate. There are now fair trade clothing, sneakers, flowers, wine and the list keeps expanding. We urge you to support Fair Trade whenever possible, especially in these economic troubles. Because after all Fair Trade Is You, and you have the power to change the world. So, today please take time to reflect and adjust your buying power, your impact is more immense than you know!  And of course have a Happy World Fair Trade Day!