In a previous post, we blogged about an event we did in partnership with an organization called Artists for Humanity. In this post we want to tell you a little more about them, their mission and why we are partnering with them so deeply.

Artists for Humanity (AFH) is an amazing organization whose mission is to bridge economic, social and racial divisions by providing underserved youth with the keys to self sufficiency through self employment in the arts. And they are housed in one of Boston’s Greenest Building!! Ok, so what exactly does this mean? Well, they are located in a facility that is LEED Platinum certified– the highest honor for sustainable architecture. In fact it was Boston’s first LEED Platinum building. If you ever visit their building you will see that it is solar powered, and even uses salvaged car windshields from New England junkyards as balcony banisters!!! It has such a unique, eclectic feel!

Other than in what they do, AFH is really cool in how they do it. They not only empower urban youth to use their artistic skills, but they show them how to do it in an environmentally friendly way,  using recycled and reused materials. We had the joy of working with youth mentor: Cassandra Lattimore and 6 AFH youth at Design Hive a few week ago. The youth artists included: Maggie Krylova, Richard Bevans, Brudnoy Marcelin, Jerome Shelton, Wendy Michel, and Jeff Marseilles. The youth designed really awesome shoes which will be up for auction to benefit Artists for Humanity.

Stay tuned for future collaborations with AFH. We admire what they do because we believe that uniting both of our organizations is a complete synthesis of missions: they eradicate poverty cycles in the US and we address these economic and social gaps in developing countries. Together, we use local talent to redistribute income from underprivileged sectors locally, in Boston and abroad.

If you want to learn more about them, check out their website.


AFH Greatest Party on EarthThey are having an insane party this Saturday, 4/18/09 called the “Greatest Party on Earth” in honor of our 2 greatest natural resources: the Earth and their young people!!! At this party, there will be  Non-stop entertainment on two floors of the EpiCenter featuring 3 live bands—Booty Vortex; “Divercity” from Zumix; and Samba Tremeterra; Hip Hop by United Roots; Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band sky-high duo acrobatic performance; Ten 31AFH Greatest Party on Earth Productions Earth Day-inspired living statues.

If you are interested in going, contact AFH: 617.268.7620

$125 and $250 (VIP) Tickets at

**Remember, the proceeds go to AFH and this is such a great way to invest your money while supporting a unique and inspirational organization

See you there!