Last Sunday, 4/5/09 we were happy to partake in the Earth Day Design Hive in Cambridge Mass. It was a nice and bustling marketplace with awesome local arts, crafts, and fashions. We met a lot of cool local people and were able to catch the fashion show which featured local designers and Fashion with Impact. Everyone seemed in high spirits and there were items ranging from homemade magnets to recycled jewelery, to vintage clothes.

mail-132We also enjoyed spending time at our booth where we had a paint your own corner. We had all sorts of cool fabric paints for everyone to paint their AP tees. We had a couple of takers and they made some really unique and personal AP products. Check out one happy customer’s hand painted tee to the right! She did that all herself! The paint your own corner seemed to be a hit and many people were very excited about it!

mail-10But we also had some employed artists to help out and paint some custom one-of-a-kind all day! We at Autonomie partnered with Artists for Humanity for this event and a few other to come. If you don’t know about Artists for Humanity, they are a great organization that works with underprivileged youth in the Boston area to provide the paid employment through the arts. Seriously they are wonderful organization and you should definitely check them out. We look forward to working and supporting them in the future. The AFH kids that came out did some really great artwork on the sneakers and the shoes they created will be available at the upcoming Fair Trade Boston event, which will be at the AFH studios. Check back here at our blog for more info coming soon!

We want to thank everyone for coming out and a special thanks to Artists for Humanity and Val for the great event. We certainly enjoyed our Design Hive experience and look forward to attending and shopping at many more! To check out more Design Hives, come out every 1st Sunday of every month and check the Design Hive website for updates and upcoming themes. Enjoy the pics of the event below: