gf09se-header1Last weekend we traveled all the way over to the other side of the country to meet thousands of enthusiastic shoppers and activists at the 2nd annual Seattle Green Festival!  It was a crazy busy weekend and we had a ton of fun.  Seattle is an incredibly warm and supportive community and we applaud them for continuing their part of the effort to fight global warming, poverty and injustice in our world.

dscn32861The weekend was filled with excellent food (all vegan and organic of course!), inspiring speakers including journalist Amy Goodman and economist David Korten, great networking with other Green America approved social businesses and organizations, and tons and tons of awesome shopping!

dscn3288Here are some photos of our booth space (shared with our favorite brother company Fair Trade Sports) and the jam packed event to give you a little taste of what you missed.  If you’re in Chicago or Denver, heads up that Green Festival is on its way to you next month!  While we won’t be there this time, we hope you still check it out!

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