Kick the Meat Habit! Photo By Vegan ButterflyThis Friday, March 20th, this year’s Great American Meatout will be celebrated. Now you might ask, what is the Great American Meatout? This is one day a year where vegan and vegetarians pledge the people of the entire world to spend the day without eating meat. This shouldn’t be too difficult for those of the Catholic faith, as this year March 20th falls on a Friday during Lent. The objective is to educate the world on how easy it is to live the life of a vegetarian and give people healthy meat and dairy alternatives.

Could I buy a BVA, please? Photo by eprescottThe Great American Meatout began in 1985 as a grassroots movement to educate people on healthy and non violent eating habits and has grown to one of the largest vegetarian movements in the world. Small local events are held throughout the country including tabling, dinners, and conferences. There are many events happening all week all over the country and world this year! To find Great American Meat Out Events in your area, click here

Veg literature distro Photo By arimooreThe Meatout movement is not only for March, many members hold Meatout events throughout the year. And maybe you’d like to get more involve, plan an event yourself, get your Free Veggie Starter Kit, or sign up for their weekly newsletter, Meatout Mondays. So remember this Friday, if you haven’t gone vegan already, abstain from meat! And if your already a practicing veggie, spread the word to friends, family, and anyone who will listen! Happy Meatout Day!