Holiday consuming takes over our lives in December, so why not give while you get? You heard me right, Giving is the New Getting! We can’t help but blush and brag about our good friends at eConscious Market.  Founded in 2007, eConscious Market is an online


shopping center that not only offers the brightest and best of social and eco-friendly products on the market, but with every purchase at least 10% is given to the Non-Profit of your choice. Once you make a purchase you can choose from a list of non profits to donate to or you can just have them donate to their featured non-profit.

130_large51All of the products featured on their website are environmentally and socially friendly. In fact eConscious Market does the screening for you and all their products are held to specific standards. So you can be sure the products you are purchasing are legitimately green and fair trade!

This website is perfect for your holiday needs, as they offer sweet_main1everything from eco friendly clothing to pet products and even energy saving appliances! You are sure to find a green gift for anyone on your list. They also offer a Fair Trade section where you can find items such as Fair Trade Flatwear and even our AP Sneakers!

On top of their wonderful products and donations, they also run an interesting and well researched blog called eCo Times. They cover a wide range of topics pertaining to sustainable living and green/fair trade economy. Some of their more recent blogs include Green Travel, Commuter Bike Suggestions, and Winter Home Energy Saving Tips. Seriously, if you like the topics we cover here, you will love theirs as well so check it out!

As we mentioned before the new Getting is Giving and since the holidays are here what better way to spend your money than on eco and socially responsible products while giving to a deserving non profit in one easy step! After all Tis the Season to Give!! So do it at eConscious today!!