With Thanksgiving out of the way its time to start Holiday shopping! Want to make sure your gift giving is as friendly to nature as it is to the receiver? Well we at AP have put together some suggestions on green gift giving for the 2008 season!

There are many items out there on the market that are great gifts and easy on the environment, including a ton of websites that host these gifts. A great resource for all things green including green gifts is Co-Op America’s Green Pages. Also try SustainLane, as they do product reviews, as well as listings of Green gifts. Another great resource is ECOnsciousmarket for great gift ideas and purchases . Lastly, World of Good hosted by Ebay is a market where you can purchase Eco friendly and Fair Trade products.

There are thousands of smaller websites that sell gifts such as Taraluna and Treehouse Green Gifts. You also might want to keep it local and find some shops in your area . We don’t know about your area but we know in Boston both Greenward and Cambridge Naturals carry wonderful eco friendly gifts for the holidays! To find places in your area check out Co-Op America’s Green Pages.

On top of where to buy great green gift ideas we thought we would put together a list of green gift ideas for your family or friends who don’t know much about the environment but want to make a change, or even for the seasoned green veteran.

1) Green Living Books: For the person in your life who wants to make an eco change but isn’t sure how, this is a great gift! There are hundreds of books out there that act as a guide to living green. Some great ones are It’s Easy Being Green: A Handbook For Earth Friendly Living and A Guide to Living Lightly. These book and others like them will help show your friends and family how living green is the way of the future!

2) Eco Products: Many of the websites we listed sell reputable green gifts. The best way to show a new eco friendly person that living green is easy is to give a traditional product turned green. For instance these candle holders made from recycled bike parts. Or for the pampered woman in your life how about some organic bath and lotion products? You may even want to give someone an item they would never think could be green such as Ethletic Sneakers by AP or handbags. Giving an eco-friendly product for a gift may open your family or friends eyes to how easy it is to shop green and how many products there really are out there!

3) Green Home Starter Packs: A great gift idea for a green newbie is to put together a Green Home Starter Pack which could included items such as Energy Saving Light bulbs and Green Cleaning Products. This is great for someone who wants to make the change at home but hasn’t quite done it. You could also include one of the books mentioned above!

4) Green Company Subscriptions: Purchase a subscription to a green company that you feel they wouldn’t purchase for themselves. Some good ideas are a membership to their local food co-op, a membership to an Organic Food delivery system like Boston Organics, a subscription to a green magazine or organization.  Or maybe even an Organic Wine of the Month subscription! Any wine lover will be pleased to try many different types of wines, but put a twist on this holiday gift with the addition of green wines!!

5) Donate in their Honor: If you want to skip all the materialism and consumerism this season, donate to an Eco-friendly cause in your loved ones honor. This is an easy and simple gift to purchase and will make you and your loved one feel great! There are plenty of organizations to donate to for instance through the Nature Conservancy you can adopt anything from the Rainforest to the Rocky Mountains. Also, you can Give the Gift of Water to those who need it, Plant a tree in their honor, adopt an endangered species, or even make a Micro Loan for them. Check out these other donation gift ideas at the Daily Green.